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Les Rendez-Vous de l'Eco : PetCare Innovation

Sites webs/blogs, copiez cette vido avec le bouton 'code embed' Si vous voulez tlcharger, allez sur . Matthieu Roquette, grant de la socit ... tags: brevetinnovationlillematthieunordpetcareprotection

Detroit's Homeless Dog Population Soars

Detroit has thousands of stray dogs roaming its streets. A group is trying to figure out just how many homeless canines are out there to ...

Learn About the Shih Tzu Dog Breed

Julia Szabo will teach you what you need to know so you can better understand the dog breed Shih Tzu and its dental health needs. tags: breedbuyingchoosingdentaldogdog_breedsdog_care

Tips for Adopting a Pet

Veterinarian Dr. Ruth MacPete reveals what you need to know before adopting a new furry friend. tags: Adoptingadopting_a_dogBeforeDr._Travis_StorkforKnowNeed

How to Choose the Best Location for Your Bird's Cage

Your bird needs more than just a great cage. Like any family member, she needs a place to hang out with the family as well as a little ... tags: BestBird'sBirdcageChooseBirdcage_Location_TipsBirdcage_TipsBird_Cage_Placementbird_care

How to Deworm Kittens

Learn how to deworm your kitten and the importance of this. Kittens can be born with worms transmitted from their mother. Most of the time ... tags: CatCatDewormingCat_Dewormingcat_health_tipsDewormDeworming_KittensHow

Learn About Pancreatitis In Dogs

To learn more about pancreatitis, we are going to meet with Dr. Mike Moore who is Board certified in internal medicine. Some patients ... tags: Dogsdog_caredog_healthDog_Pancreatitis_CausesDog_Pancreatitis_SymptomsDr._Mike_MoorePancreatitis

Learn About Bloat (GDV) in Dogs

Learn about bloat in dogs. Gastric Dilitation Volvulus commonly referred to as GDV or simply 'Bloat' is a serious medical emergency. ... tags: BloatDilitationDogDogsDogsGastricDog_Bloat_CausesDog_Bloat_Symptoms

How to Deworm Puppies

Learn how to de-worm puppies and the importance of this. Nearly all puppies are born with worms transmitted from their mother. Most of the ... tags: AgeDe-WormDeworming_PuppiesDogDogsdog_caredog_health_tips

Learn About Medial Patella Luxation in Dogs

Dr. Peter L. Vogel explains the MPL dog condition. If you are the owner of a small breed dog that limps or even occasionally holds up a ... tags: CausesDogDogsDogsMedialdog_caredog_health_tipsDr.

How to House Train a Puppy

House-training a puppy means house-training you, too. If you follow dog expert Tracie Hotchner's simple rules, you'll have your puppy going ... tags: HouseHouse_Training_DogsHowhowdiniHousePets_Dogspet_carePotty

How to Identify Rare Cat Breeds

Rare cat breeds are distinguished by their color combination and their small breed numbers. Here are a handful of breeds to consider when ... tags: BreedsbuyingIdentifyingbuying_a_catCatcat_carecat_colorcat_markings