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"Plan B" vote backfires on Boehner

In a risky move, Speaker John Boehner tried to get the House to pass his 'Plan B' 'fiscal cliff' bill. But the plan backfired when he ...

"No one has been a better American than Sen. Inouye," Reid says

Having just left the hospital where 88-year-old Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, passed away tonight, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., made ...

What are the chances of new gun control laws?

Two words that are once again on many people's lips in the wake of Newtown's national tragedy are 'gun control.' So what are the chances ...

Falling Miss. River water levels could lead to rising prices

The weather may be colder, but drought is still a major problem in much of the U.S. Sixty-two percent of the country is in drought, and for ...

Latin American gov'ts take second look at drug war

The legalization of marijuana use in Colorado and Washington State is putting some Latin American governments in an awkward position. And ...

Colorado governor on marijuana legalization

Scott Pelley speaks with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper about passage of the initiative to make marijuana legal for recreational use ...

Nice amateur MMA finish

A good ground scrap that gets back to the feet for a quality 1st round finish. James Lee as guest referee. attaque pharrell williams en justice

10/08/13 attaque pharrell williams en justiceIls ont beau tre riches et clbres, ils ne sont pas pour autant labri du fail occasionnel. ...

Obama makes surprise visit to FEMA during government shutdown

President Barack Obama, in a visit to Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA offices in Washington, D.C. urged Congress to reopen ...

Super Mario 3D World - World 2-5 - Double Cherry Pass Gameplay Playthrough (Wii U)

Super Mario 3D World - World 2-5 - Double Cherry Pass Gameplay Playthrough Wii U

U.S. shutdown drags on, House votes to pay furloughed workers

House lawmakers from both sides of the aisle agreed on Saturday to retroactively pay 800,000 furloughed federal workers -- once the ...

Seemandhra ministers pass time with resignation drama

Seemandhra ministers pass time with resignation drama