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Amazing war paper planes short film!! World Of Warplanes

Back in 2010, action channel Pwnisher went viral with their popular Cardboard Warfare short film. They released part 2 in 2011, and ... tags: amazingartcreationmoviepaperpaper_planeshort_film

Q.Storm .:. Mr Whyte Ft Cowwa Bang - Jewelry Loud (Prod. Q.Storm)

Q.Storm .. Mr Whyte Ft Cowwa Bang - Jewelry Loud Prod. Q.StormQ.Storm .. Mr Whyte Ft Cowwa Bang - Jewelry Loud Prod. Q.StormQ.Storm .. Mr ... tags: (Prod. Baby Bang Blownin Can Cowwa Electr

How To Make A Paper Airplane

Paper Airplanes live or die on the strength of their ability to fly far, so we present to you the winner of the VideoJug plane contest. ... tags: aeroplaneairplaneandfolding.hobbyLeisureLife

How To Make Dangerous-Looking Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes don't look particulalry menacing, but you wouldn't want to find this plane flying at you in a dark alley at night. With a ... tags: aeroplaneairplaneandfolding.hobbyLeisureLife

Paper Airplane: The Advanced Model

If the Classic Paper Airplane is just too simple for you, this Advanced Model should liven things up -- more complicated to fold, but ... tags: aeroplaneairplaneandfolding.hobbyLeisureLife

Paper Airplanes: A Classic Dart

Paper Airplanes are a joy to make, and fun to throw. This film talks you through how to fold a brilliant paper dart, and explains what's ... tags: aeroplaneairplaneandfolding.hobbyLeisureLife

Mark's Newscast: Paper Airplanes

A news anchorman can't stop laughing while he addresses the allegations that they are making up the news. tags: anchormanComedyKiTHnewspaper_plane