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Pandemic Videos - 2 by Popular

The Saboteur E3 2009 Trailer HD

Il sabotatore. Una sola parola pu dare un'ampia veduta della situazione. Un videogame rivoluzionario su tutta la linea. Pandemic ha ... tags: 360ArtsElectronicGenNextPandemicPlaystation

How To Wash Your Hands The Right Way

Washing your hands is the most important way you can protect yourself from infectious disease yet most people are doing it the wrong way. ... tags: diseaseepidemichandwashinghygieneoutbreakpandemicprevention

Test "Starwars Battlefront II" (PC, PS2)

Retour sur l'un des meilleurs jeu issue de l'univers Star wars.Un jeu surtout port sur le multi et qui russi s'lever jusqu'au meilleur ... tags: 2005artsBattlefrontlucasMaadszPandemicplaystation2

WHO Emergency Committee to Gauge MERS Threat

The World Health Organization is convening a committee to determine how to deal with a potential pandemic virus in the Middle East. tags: committeeemergencyhealthmersorganizationpandemicwho

VidéoTest The Saboteur (X360)

Vidotest sur le jeu d'Action/Infiltration 'The Saboteur', sorti sur PC, PS3 et Xbox360. C'est en compagnie de Spartan12 que nous vous ... tags: 360artselectronicpandemicps3saboteurstudio

Silent Pandemic: Tackling Hepatitis C

A new Economist Intelligence Unit EIU report titled The Silent Pandemic Tackling Hepatitis C with Policy Innovation, made possible as a ... tags: diseaseHCVhealthhealthcareHepatitisinfectiouspandemic

"Swine flu: not pandemic phase yet"

The fact that the virus can travel from human to human doesnt mean that a pandemic is inevitable, Tatyana Kolpakova from the World Health ... tags: HealthhumanKolpakovaOrganisationpandemicTatyanavirus

Pandemic or pandemonium?

Is the sweeping swine flu virus a global pandemic or just another example of media pandemonium With New York City a focal point of the ... tags: fluhealthnewopinionpandemicpublicresident

Influence zone

In spring 2009 the world treated the so-called swine flu outbreak with extreme caution. This dangerous virus was known before the epidemic ... tags: dangerousEngdahlepidemicfluMexicopandemicswine

FLUkraine: What deadly virus gripping the nation?

In Ukraine there has been at least 70 confirmed deaths of respiratory diseases this autumn alone. In total about 200.000 have been reported ... tags: fluh1n1healthorganisationpandemicswinevaccine

Tami-foolery: Misled panic for placebo as H1N1 Tamiflu drug 'useless'

Governments around the world may have wasted billions of dollars stockpiling a flu drug that doesn't work. A study published in the British ... tags: barrefluguillainh1n1pandemicswinesyndrome

'H1N1 pandemic false alarm, inquiry to expose the truth'

European health officials have launched an investigation into whether the seriousness of the swine flu outbreak was exaggerated. They blame ... tags: conspiracyfluHealthhoaxOrganizationpandemicswine