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Christian B&B owners lose court bid

By Charlotte PammentPeter Bull, 74, and his wife Hazelmary, 69, had asked the Supreme Court to decide whether their decision to refuse to ... tags: BBChristianHazelmaryhighloseMartyn_Hallnewseurope_news

Global 3000 | Squatted Land in Brazil – A Man Turns Illegal

Gated communities are popular in Brazil,as well. Brazilians who can afford it fence themselves off. Housing for the poor is in short ... tags: 3000BrazilcommunitiesCultureDeutscheWelleDeutschlandDWTV

Dog meets his owner after 5 months

Look at this dog's reaction to hearing their owner's voice after being away for 5 months. So cute Watch more videos here Facebook page

Ford Owners Clubs - A Passion for the Pony

Ford Owners Clubs - A Passion for the Pony

Do dogs experience emotions like humans?

Neurologist Gregory Berns is using MRIs to find out if dogs experience emotions in the same way humans do. The brain scans may shed light ...

Headlines at 8:30: Pets left alone for hours suffer depression

'CBS This Morning' takes a look at some of the day's headlines from around the globe

Publicizing gun owners: Freedom of information or infringement on rights?

Senior correspondent John Miller talks to Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis about the controversy surrounding a newspaper's decision to publish ...

Gun owners outed by Westchester newspaper

A New York City suburban newspaper is in the middle of a big controversy with local gun owners, after it published their names and ...

U.K. pet owners fight back against animal obesity

An estimated 54 percent of dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Monica Villamizar reports pet owners in Britain are fighting ...

Thousand of dogs and their owners race through Lima

Over one-thousand dogs and their owners took part in a race through Lima on Sunday as part of events to mark Pet Day. Dogs, big and small, ...

NBA season in jeopardy

The NBA season could be on the verge of being canceled after players rejected the owners' latest offer. Jeff Glor reports.

Oprah, Jobs, Shultz: World-changing entrepreneurs

Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Howard Schultz are among the few business leaders who might be called 'world changing.' Author John A. Bryne ...