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Woman Loses Weight Over 100 Days Time Lapse!!

As Fat Bastard said in Austin Powers, I cant stop eating. I eat because Im unhappy, and Im unhappy because I eat. Its a vicious cycle. And ... tags: 100_days_workoutAustin_PowersFat_BastardLakeisha_ShurnMusculationObésitéover_weight

Action call as obesity crisis grows

By Paul CeliaThe Overseas Development Institute claims the number of people who are obese or overweight in the developing world almost ... tags: fatnewseurope_newsobeseobesityodioverweightworldwide

LOVE HURTS: A Couple Attempts the Deed But Boyfriend Sends Girl Through Wall

A 440 lb man tried to have sex with 110 lb girlfriend and sent her crashing through a wall. TLC shares the story with viewers in upcoming ... tags: accidentaurora_snowdoctoroverweightpenissexsex_sent_me_to_the_er

If animals were fat, Christmas edition

Another hilarious animation video from the Rollin Wild team - this time featuring a bunch of overweight reindeer. tags: AnimalsFatFunnyIf_Animals_Were_FatObeseOffbeatOverweight

'Healthy Obesity' A Myth, Study Says

According to a new study, despite normal metabolic levels, obese people are still at higher risk of premature death than those at normal ... tags: blood_pressureblood_sugarcholesteroldeathhealthhealth_newsobese

Samba workout | Video of the day

Many Britons are couch potatoes obesity is a growing problem. The government is encouraging participation in dance classes to help people ... tags: comecouchcoursesdancedancingdayDeutsche

Britain: Slim through Samba | European Journal

Many British don't get enough exercise and are overweight. The government wants to combat that with dance courses.Many British would rather ... tags: BritaincomecoursesdancedancingDeutscheDW-TV

Mom Gives Shaming Letter Instead of Candy in Overweight Kids Halloween Bags

Fargo mom takes parenting other children inot her own hands this Halloween season. She wants to handout fat shaming letter to overweight ...

Karl Lagerfeld Sued For 'Fat' Comments

Karl Lagerfeld is known for speaking his mind, but now it has gotten him into legal trouble.

Paradise: Hope - Trailer for Paradise: Hope

Courtesy of Strand Releasing Soon To Theaters

Opera singers also acrobats?

'The days when overweight singers just parked and barked from center stage are over,' reports Bob Simon. The Metropolitan Opera's general ...

Mischa Barton Talks About Her Breakdown

Mischa Barton's life and career seems to be doing well now, but she's reportedly talking about her public breakdown.