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Turkey's Erdogan says foreign powers responsible for "dissemination propaganda"

Nevermind the corruption scandal -- thousands rally to show their support for Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Saturday. The ... tags: anddisseminationforforcedhigh-levelministersopponents

Violent spillover from Syria kills several in northern Lebanon

Troops are on the move in Lebanon where spillover violence from Syria is causing deadly clashes. Gunfire could be heard in a Sunni district ...

Deadly clashes erupt between supporters, opponents of Egypt's ousted president

Calls for Million man marches were made to mark the anniversary of the 6th of October/ 10th of Ramadan victory over Israel when Egyptian ... tags: AfricaClashesEgyptMorsiOpponentsSupporters

Egypt: Mursi opponents continue protest

A protest against Eygptian President Mohamed Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood party continued in Cairo on Saturday.Some demonstrators spent ... tags: continueDemonstrationEgyptEgypt:euronewsMursiopponents

Mubarak supporters and opponents clash outside court

Supporters and opponents of the former Egyptian president have clashed outside the police academy in Cairo where the trial is being held. ... tags: andclashcourtEgypteuronewsMubarakopponents

Possible pardon for former Thai PM sparks controversy

As Thailand battles its worst flooding in decades, another problem looks set to dominate the political scene once again. tags: amnestyopponentspoliticsShinawatraThaksinThiland

Human Rights Watch report details US-led abuses of Gaddafi's enemies

'Delivered into Enemy Hands,' a new Human Rights Watch report released on Thursday, documents an alleged U.S.-led secret operation to ... tags: andbackdetaineesdocumentshowinterviewsopponents

Opposition boycotts Belarus vote

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko gets some help from his son while casting a ballot in national elections. The polls, held ... tags: AndrewBelarusBelarussianboycottcowardsforLukashenko

Mursi opponents clash with police

ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Opponents of President Mohamed Mursi clashed with Egyptian police on Tuesday November 27 as ... tags: clashedCutdecreeIslamistnarrationopponentspolice

Muslim Brotherhood rallies in Cairo after night of violence

Supporters of Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood run chanting through the streets in Cairo on Thursday morning ... tags: andarmycityclashesMuslimopponentsrally

Tanks deploy outside Egyptian presidential palace

ROUGH CUT ONLY - NO REPORTER NARRATION Tanks deployed outside the Egyptian presidential palace on Thursday December 6 where supporters and ... tags: andarmyclashescutnarrationopponentsoutside