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World's oldest wild bird lays egg

Wisdom, a 63-year-old albatross, produces yet another egg to the amazement of scientists. She was captured on video laying an egg at the ... tags: albatrossbirdeggoldestvideoWisdom

Kerry arrives in Manila to strengthen U.S. ties with old ally

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in the Philippines Tuesday on a trip to modernize economic and political ties with one of ... tags: CutJohnKerryManilanarrationoldoldest

Regulate or root out prostitution - the oldest profession in the world?

It is often called the oldest profession in the world prostitution. Should it be banned or regulated like other businesses In Europe there ... tags: EuropeFranceoldestprofessionProstitutionRegulateSweden

Count Ferdinand zu Castell-Castell | Made in Germany

The count believes in sustainability - both as a vintner and a banker. His family has been producing wine for over 350 years, and also ... tags: BankbankerBavariaCastellCastell-CastellCountFerdinand

Archaeologists discover largest, oldest wine cellar in Near East: 3,700 year-old store room held ...

Found One of Civilization's Oldest Wine Cellars Cellar Held Equivalent of Nearly 3,000 Bottles of Reds and Whites Findings Released Today. ... tags: 3700ArchaeologistscellardiscoverEast:largestNear

The oldest book in history on sale

The congregation of the Old South Church in Boston decided to sell one of the two copies of the first book ever published in what would ...

The world's oldest stock broker

At 105 years old, Irving Kahn is the world's oldest stock broker. He is now a participant at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine where ...

Man From Ethiopia Claims To Be 160 Years Old

According to Dhagabo Ebba, a retired farmer in Ethiopia, he was born somewhere around the year 1853. That would make him 160 years old and ...

Oldest Solar Twin Identified. ESO's VLT provides new clues to help solve lithium mystery ...

The life cycle of a Sun-like star This 3D animation shows the life of a Sun-like star, from its birth on the left side of the frame to its ...