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Arctic 30: 'It will be great to have him back'

Russell Bryan, the brother of Greenpeace activist Kieron Bryan, says he is looking forward to having a few beers with his siblilng when he ... tags: activistactivistsarctic_30bailbeercrimecriminal

Greenpeace crew man fears jail term

By Celia PaulThe videographer, originally from Devon, was on board the Arctic Sunrise during a protest against drilling in the Arctic when ...

Risky Business Underwater

Every day, around the world, thousands of men and woman dive to work. They repair and maintain offshore oilrigs, search for victims of ... tags: divediversdivingjobmachinemaintainMarine

Russian Oil Rig Capsizes During Storm

Russia's Kolskaya oil rig capsized and sank early Sunday, leaving 4 dead and nearly 50 missing. tags: dimitri_medvedevoil_rigoil_rip_capsizerussiarussian_oil_drillingrussian_oil_rig_explosionWorld

Launching a Big Fat Greek Supertanker

Follow the construction of the worlds largest double-hulled oil tanker. As hundreds of workers assemble the massive ship over a 12-month ... tags: automobilesboatsbuildingconstructiondocumentaryengineeringengineers

Ulysses the Giant People Mover

Crossing the Irish sea in mid-winter, the worlds largest car ferry battles through a gale force wind and 10 metre seas. 3-D animation ... tags: automobilesboatsbuildingconstructiondocumentaryengineeringengineers

Jet Propelled Super Cat

The Cat is a super fast ferry which races across the Gulf of Maine between Yarmouth Nova Scotia and Bar Harbour Maine at speeds in excess ... tags: automobilesboatsbuildingconstructiondocumentaryengineeringengineers

The REAL REASON Behind the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico - 2010

READ THIS Dick Cheney's deregulation agenda is the real underlying reason / cause behind the US oil spill by British Petroleum BP in 2010 ... tags: 2010acoustic_switchBritish_Petroleumbushcatastrophecleanupcongress

ANOTHER Oil Rig Explosion?! REALLY?!

VLOGBROTHERS SHIRTS - which Hank finally talks about oil, oil rigs, how we won't run out of oil, but we might kill ourselves getting at the ... tags: disasterenvironmentexplosiongulf_of_mexicohank_greenoiloil_rig

Solar Powered Oil Rigs

What non governmental industry was the first to use commercially produced photovoltaic solar cells tags: ContentContent_TypeEducationelectricityhistoryoffshore_platformsoil_industry