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Dr. E. Faye Williams Supports President Obama

Join us Dr. E. Faye Williams shares why she's definitely in for 2012 'I've been very excited about this president since ... tags: 2004 democratic convention2012barackbarack obamabarack obama presidentbidencampaign

Made in America - Obama for America 2012 Ad

Get the facts In 2009, the President decided to extend emergency loans to GM and Chryslerpreventing the collapse of a ... tags: 2012 campaign2012 election2012 obama2012 videoautobarack obamabarack obama for president

Apoyando Nuestros Sueños

nete a la lucha El Presidente cree firmemente en la nocin que, en Estados Unidos, si trabajas duro debes de poder salir ... tags: 20122012 campaa2012 election2012 obama2012 videoactad

Cumpliendo Con Su Palabra: El Programa De Asociación Con Colegios Comunitarios

Entrate Hace cuatro aos Barack Obama prometi crear una asociacin con los colegios comunitarios. Como Presidente ... tags: 20122012 campaa2012 election2012 obama2012 videobarack obamabarack obama for president

Michael Eric Dyson supports President Obama

Join African Americans For Obama Michael Eric Dyson shares why he supports President Obama 'On election day in 2008 I ... tags: 2012barackbarack obamabarack obama presidentbidencampaignfired

Faces of Change: Bill's Small Business Loan

Read more of the President's Record on the Economy Bill Butcher opened Port City Brewing Company in February of 2011 ... tags: barack obamabarack obama speechbarackobamadotcombarrack Obamabeerbrewingbusiness

El historial del Presidente Obama sobre el tema de los trabajos - Anuncio de Obama for America 2012

Entrate Despus de asumir la presidencia, el Presidente Obama firm la Ley para la Recuperacin para rescatar nuestra ... tags: 20122012 campaa2012 campaign2012 election2012 obama2012 videoad

First Lady Michelle Obama Answers Your Questions

Get the latest from FLOTUS, follow The First Lady answered a few questions you all sent her via Twittercheck out what she ... tags: 2012@michelleobamabarackbarack obamabarack obama presidentbidencampaign

Amir ?uestlove Thompson of The Roots: Join African Americans for Obama

Join uestlove 'Ladies and gentleman, my name is Amir Questlove Thompson. When I started supporting Barack Obama in 2008 ... tags: 2012?uestlovebarackbarack obamabarack obama presidentbidencampaign

Keeping His Word: Early Childhood Education

Join the Truth Team Four years ago Barack Obama promised to invest in early childhood education. As President he signed ... tags: barack obamabarack obama presidentbidencampaignchildhoodearlyeducation

Keeping His Word: Community College Partnership Program

Join the Truth Team Four years ago Barack Obama promised to create a community college partnership program. As ... tags: barack obamabarack obama presidentbidencampaigncollegecommunityeducation video

Keeping His Word: Credit Card Reform

Join the Truth Team Four years ago Barack Obama promised to pass credit card reform. As president, he signed the Credit ... tags: barack obamabarack obama presidentbidencampaigncardcreditgop