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Self-driving cars: So many reasons, so many hurdles

It may be the biggest technological sea change since the Internet, one that reshapes how our average day unfolds, our personal safety, and ...

How 3D gesture tech could change computing

The 3D gesture tech market is expected to grow from 2 billion to 15 billion in five years. But what are hurdles technology makers need to ...

What will challenge Android and iOS in the mobile OS market?

If you're wondering what will be the third major platform alongside Android and iOS, you may need to change that 'what will be' to 'if ...

The Next Big Thing.. When's It Coming?! - TechnoBuffalo

Jon R is back with an all new show where he rants and raves on various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week's episode, Jon ...

Self-driving cars: Why? (The Next Big Thing, Episode 2)

Why self-driving cars make a whole lot of sense, how gesture control will augment -- but probably not replace -- a lot of technology, and ...

Smartwatches: A revolution on your wrist?

Analysts predict 5 million smartwatches will ship in 2014. CNET's Brian Cooley explains why they could have a real chance of success with ...

Appliances getting more connected

CNET's Brian Cooley's offers his thoughts on connected appliances and why the Internet fridge is much less pie in the sky than it was 10 ...

4K and OLED: Which TV is right for you?

CNET's Brian Cooley compares and contrasts the two technologies and shows you why one is relevant today, the other more so tomorrow.

Smartwatches know that times have changed

Smartwatches are on the cusp of something big, OLED and 4K TV explained and connected, smart appliances finally start to make sense.

The Next Big Thing debuts September 12

Each month, CNET's Brian Cooley takes a look at what's happening in tech and then cuts out the noise. What's left are a few key trends that ...