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Kat Von D and the USB Drive Vibrator

How long before the USB Fleshlight comes out RC Combat-Bot Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk Holographic ... tags: 16GB8GBBatteries Not IncludedBirth PlaceBlack OpsBNICall of Duty

Android Ladies Put Out?!?

What kind of phone do you use Android Survey Google Found Guilty Facebook Graffiti Terrorist Internet ... tags: AndroidBatteries Not IncludedBNIcellphishFacebookFinesFrance

SOPA Nuclear Option causes internet shutdown

How do you feel about SOPA and why Stop SOPA Nuclear Option Twitter FB Google+ ... tags: Batteries Not IncludedBNIcellphishdailygraceexoticjessGoogleijustine

Wait Paula Deen has diabetes??

Sorry for the short video I am loosing my voice Vote for me on Kind of the Web Paula Deen Avoid Ghetto ... tags: Avoid GhettoBatteries Not IncludedBNIcellphishCookingdailygraceDiabetes

Demi Moore on drugs??

When are zombies going to take over Vote for me on King of the Web Washing Machine Destruction Zombie Killer ... tags: AK-47Batteries Not IncludedBNIBuzz LightyearcellphishChainsawDemi Moore

Little Vibrating Alarmclock for you ladies

What are you getting your friends for Christmas Mario Intro Polarized Bewbs LittleRooster Twitter ... tags: Alarm-clockBatteries Not IncludedBewbsBNICellcellphishimcellphish

Girls on Santa's Naughty List Confirmed

Do you want an episode with all the naughty girls off Santa's list Santa's Naughty Girls Men Think About Sex ... tags: Batteries Not IncludedBNICannon BallCellcellphishConfirmedHot

SH!T that Siri Says

How long before Siri is considered an accessory to a murder Sesame Street Porn Sesame Street Katy Perry ... tags: Apple Batteries Not Included BNI cellphish Facebook imcellphish Internet

Apple holds Lets Talk iPhone Event and Facebook Tracks you

The SFW Version for the kids Thieves Steel Porsche Gamer Rage Facebook Tracks You ... tags: Ashton Kutcher Batteries Not Included BNI cellphish Demi Moore Facebook Gamer Rage

Stripper Pole Dance Off

I think I made it through this video without swearing.... crazy Facebook Netflix Battle Funny Laundry XBOX SWAT ... tags: Batteries Not Included BNI cellphish Facebook Funny imcellphish Internet