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Swapping Connectivity

Swapping ConnectivityMaker Faire - New York Hall Of ScienceNew understanding of the brain is launching us into the realm of sci-fi ... tags: Amol_SarvaLee_von_Krausmakermaker_faireneurologistNeuroscienceneurotechnology

Acupuncture for Nausea

Doctors are upholding the traditional, yet effective, treatment of acupuncture. In this case, a neurosurgeon uses it to treat patients' ... tags: acupuncturebrainclinicmayonauseaneurologistneurology

Preventing Stroke

Up to 80 percent of strokes that occur in the United States each year could be prevented Need more convincing Check out this video tags: brain_disorderbrain_functioncauses_of_strokeHealth_videohow_to_prevent_a_strokeMedicalMedical_videos

Understanding Parkinson's Disease

It's more than Michael J. Fox...In fact, 1.5 million Americans suffer from the degenerative movement disorder known as Parkinson's disease tags: about_parkinsons_diseasebrain_disorderbrain_functionHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosmichael_j_fox:_shaky_hands

Risk Factors for Stroke

One in 16 deaths in the United States is directly related to a stroke. So, make sure you know your risk factors for having one-it just may ... tags: brain_disorderbrain_functioncauses_of_a_strokeHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosnervous_symptom:_Health

Symptoms of Stroke

Without immediate medical attention, a person having a stroke may suffer memory loss, or even death. Learn what to watch out for so you or ... tags: brain_disorderbrain_functionHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosmini_stroke_signsnervous_symptom:_Health

Recovering Cognition After Stroke

A person who has had a stroke may suddenly have trouble speaking, or be unable to recall names or faces. While normal, this is quite ... tags: brain_disorderbrain_functioneffects_of_a_strokeHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosmini_stroke_recovery

Recovering Emotions After Stroke

Engaging in the simplest of social interactions, or expressing the most basic of emotions, provide a whole new set of struggles for people ... tags: brain_disorderbrain_functioneffects_of_a_strokeHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videosmini_stroke_recovery

Effects of Stroke

After a stroke, things change. Because 700,000 new strokes occur every year in America, knowing what may follow is invaluable to a stroke ... tags: after_a_stroke:_strokeafter_effects_of_strokebrain_disorderbrain_functioneffects_of_strokeHealth_videoMedical

Recovering Mobility After Stroke

Walking upright, balancing the body, and even tying one's shoes can become monstrously challenging tasks following a stroke. Learn the ways ... tags: brain_disorderbrain_functioneffects_of_stroke:_strokeHealth_videolife_after_a_strokeMedicalMedical_videos

Treating Alzheimer's Disease

Although there is no cure for the degenerative brain disorder known as Alzheimer's, the good news is that modern medicine can help slow the ... tags: alzheimers_disease_treatmentalzheimers_disease_treatmentsalzheimers_drugsalzheimers_therapy:_memoryariceptbrain_disorderbrain_function

Understanding Stroke

Every 45 in America, someone has a stroke...often for the or third time. This video explores what happens during a 'brain attack.' tags: brain_disorderbrain_functionbrain_strokeHealth_videohow_to_prevent_strokeMedicalMedical_videos