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How to Weed Out False Prophets and Find the Real McCoy

How to Weed Out False Prophets and Find the Real McCoyBook Passage - Book PassageJacob Needleman talks about his latest book, What Is God. ... tags: bibleBookbuddhismCortegodJacobNeedleman

Listening to Opposing Views

Listening to Opposing ViewsCody's Books - Cody's Books and First Congregational Church of BerkeleyJacob Needleman discusses Why Can't We Be ... tags: andBooksChurchCodysCongregationalJacobNeedleman

What Google Buzz does: The Bottom Line

Rafe Needleman and Andrew Nusca join us to discuss what exactly Google Buzz is for and more importantly, whether this is the right move for ... tags: AndrewBuzzcompany:Googleguest:Needlemannetworking.

Parrot AR.Drone flies at CNET

We fly the new version of the AR.Drone quadcopter in our atrium. The 2.0 version of the product has a new, simplified flight interface, and ... tags: cbsepisodecescnetcontroldroneflyiphone

Reporters' Roundtable: Mountain Lion

Apple has embarked on an ambitious plan to release a major OS X upgrade every year. What's it mean, and why And what's missing from ... tags: applebeachamcbsepisodecnetcnetliveiosiphone

Reporters' Roundtable Ep. 111 LightSquared and the spectrum mess

How do you throw away 4 billion Buy spectrum you can't use. That seems to be what Lightsquared did, once the FCC revoked a license that ... tags: ATTCarrierscbsepisodeChengcnetcnetliveCongress

Twitter wants your contacts, smartphone data

The popular social-networking tool has just admitted to recording a lot more information than your tweets. Users who have installed the ... tags: cbsepisodecontactsfacebookkaralalinkedinneedleman