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Krymu Acrono - Duality vol 1

Two known rogues who present both pvp spec at 3.0.2, Krymu plays shadowdance and Acrono plays mutilate. They show how to face one, two or ... tags: AcronoduelGameCredsKrymumutilaterogueshadowdance

Mercs' PvE Mutilate Guide - Basics and Rotation

I hope you enjoy this brief, but hopefully very informative guide.Please let me know what kind of tutorial videos you'd like to see in ... tags: BasicsGamesGuideMercs'MutilateMutilate_PvE_GuideMutilate_PvE_Tutorial

Jewish AND Uncircumcised - Intact Jew, member and accpeted in Jewish Community and Family

You are still Jewish if you are NOT circumcised. And there are many other Jews that will accept and embrace you into the community. More ... tags: circumcised cut damage emotion emotional ethics faith

How To: Assassin Rogue making 600K+ total damage at Alterac Valley in 10 seconds!

An assassin rogue doing the BG of Alterac Valley and making more than 600K damage in 10 by only using Fan of Knives FoK and Deadly Poison. ... tags: 10seconds Alterac Balinda battlegroup better Blizzard bow

Compilation of attempts for an Assassin Rogue to deal 1000K damage in 10 seconds.

'Those many and high yellow damage numbers you will see pop up on your screen, have the same color reference for the Rogue class in the ... tags: arena assassin battlefield battleground call cataclysm damage