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Christmas storm moves batters more countries in Europe

Five people have died since Monday in the UK, as stormy weather wreaks havoc in Europe during the festive season. Across the south of ... tags: battersChristmascountriesEuropemoremovesstorm

Protests as Spain moves to restrict abortions

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY About 300 pro-choice supporters gathered near Spain's Ministry of Justice to protest after the ... tags: CutEuropesmakemovesnarrationoneprotest

Spain moves to roll abortion laws back to 1985

For anti-abortion activists, it has been an historic day for Spain.They are delighted that the government wants to change the law back to ... tags: 1985abortionAbortion_rightsbacklawsmovesroll

N° 2 : SK Gaming - Double Ultime Fail

Top 5 des fails moves de 2013N 2 SK Gaming - Double Ultime Fail tags: 2013doublefailslolmilleniummovestop

N°4 : Saintvicious - Fail Smite - Montage

Top 5 des fails moves de 2013N4 Saintvicious - Fail Smite - Montage tags: 2013failslolmilleniummovessaintvicioussmite

N°1 : Reginald - Twisted Fate montage

Top 5 des fails moves de 2013N1 Reginald - Twisted Fate montage tags: 2013failsfatelolmilleniummontagemoves

N°5 : Dade - Gragas fail ultimes

Top 5 des fails moves de 2013 N5 Dade - Gragas fail ultimes tags: dadefailgragaslolMilleniummovestop_5

Darien - Fail flash taunt

Top 5 des fails moves de 2013 N3 Darien - Fail flash taunt tags: 2013darienfailsflashlolmilleniummoves

Scott Disick Moves Into Hotel?

Party boy Scott Disick who has a long history of bad behavior, is apparently back to his old ways. A leopard doesn't change his spots and ... tags: disickhollyscoophotelintomovesoutscott

Euthanasia rights for very sick children in Belgium

The Belgian Senate voted in favour of extending euthanasia rights to extremely sick children. The law is likely to get the vote of the full ... tags: andBelgianCabrerachildrenclosereuthanasiafor

Winter storm bearing down on much of the country

A Wintry storm bearing down across the country with a messy mix of snow, rain and wind is expected to continue to cause problems across the ... tags: andbearingdownfarthermixmovessnow