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Yellow Fever Mosquitoes Spotted In Several Cali. Towns

California officials announced this week they have spotted two types of mosquitoes in the state known to carry yellow fever and dengue.

New Vaccine Boasts 100 Percent Effectiveness Against Malaria

The vaccine, called PfSPZ, is made of Plasmodium falciparum, the parasite that causes malaria, and weakened sporozoites. tags: 100breakthroughheathmalariamosquitospercentprevention

A Patch That Creates a Mosquito Free Zone

A company has developed a non-toxic patch that protects people from the evil doings of mosquitoes. Called the Kite patch, the device ... tags: eliminatesfreemosquitomosquitosNewsnopatch

Plaga de mosquitos en Valencia

Vecinos de Valencia explican los serios problemas que estn teniendo en estos momentos por las plaga de mosquitos. tags: CulleramosquitosPlagarestaurantesSociedad

"Mutant" Mosquitos Could be Released in Florida

Oxitec, an insect controlling organization, is planning on releasing mutant mosquitos in the Florida Keys, in an attempt to rid the world ... tags: denguefloridakeysmosquitosmutantoxitecstop

Scientists Use Mosquitos to Test Water Quality

A Costa Rican researcher has discovered a type of mosquito that can be used to identify river water that is safe for human consumption. ... tags: contaminatedCostadrinkingmosquitosRicariverwater

Why Are Mosquitoes Selective About Their Human Targets?

Do mosquitoes seem to love you more than anybody in the crowd According to a group of scientists from the UK, its because your body doesnt ... tags: aboutKnowledgemosquitospickyselectselectivetarget

Super Sized Mosquitos Descend On Florida

Who doesn't hate mosquitos How about some super huge ones that are aggressive and have a bite that hurts like crazy Well thanks to tropical ... tags: debbiefloridagallinipperhugeinsectsmosquitomosquitos

Truco de la abuela « ¿ Como atrapar los mosquitos ? »

Hola, buenos das Ustedes estn hartos de los mosquitos que se introducen por todas partes y vienen para devorarles por la noche Tenemos ... tags: abuelaaguaatraparbotellafermentaciónmixturaMosquitos

July Gardening Tips - Mosquito Control in the Garden

Mitch Baker from American Plant shares some great tips on controlling mosquitos in your garden during the month of July. tags: AnnualsGardeningJulyLawnMosquitosMulchPlants

July Gardening Tips - Caring for Houseplants While on Vacation

Mitch Baker from American Plant shares some great tips on caring for your houseplants while on vacation. tags: GardeningHouseplantsIndoorLawnMosquitosMulchPlants

July Gardening Tips - Watering in Summer

Mitch Baker from American Plant shares some great tips on watering your garden in July. tags: AnnualsGardeningJulyLawnMosquitosMulchPlants