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Gazans feel effects of humanitarian crisis - 13 Jun 09

On the anniversary of Hamas taking control of the Palestinian Gaza Strip the territory remains the scene of a humanitarian crisis ... tags: AlAymancitizenscoupEnglishHamasJazeera

Mecca undergoes expansion project - 24 Nov 09

Every year, millions of Muslims gather to perform the Hajj in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca, where the city's Grand Mosque overflows with ... tags: alaljazeeraarabiaaymanhajjjazeeramecca

Israel's illegal wall traps Palestinians - 09 Jul 09

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has called on Israel to comply with an international court ruling and dismantle its separation ... tags: alaljazeeraaymanbankjazeeramohyeldinwall

Gaza kids eye kite-flying world record - 30 July 09

Thousands of Palestinian children have gathered in the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the world record on the number of kites flown at ... tags: alaljazeeraaymangazajazeerakitesmohyeldin

Gaza residents denied eye treatment by Israel

Aid agencies have warned that Israel's blockade of Gaza is putting the health of many Palestinians at risk. Last week, Israeli authorities ... tags: aymanblockedeyegazaisraeljazeeramiddleeastnews

Storming of Gaza aid convoy

Israeli commandos armed with guns attacked the lead ship of a flotilla of aid-carrying vessels bound for Gaza on Monday, leaving several of ... tags: aymanbankenglishgazaisraeljazeeramiddleeastnews

West Bank protesters learn first-aid skills - 12 July 09

Every week, Israel's separation barrier through the West Bank becomes a rallying point for both Palestinian and Israeli protesters. And ... tags: alaljazeeraaymangazaisraeljazeeramohyeldin

Settlement tourism takes root in West Bank - 16 Jul 09

Thousands of tourists visiting the Middle East each year have plenty of reasons to travel to the region.But for a small minority the ... tags: alaljazeeraarabaymanbankeastjazeera

Islamists killed after challenging Hamas - 15 Aug 09

Hamas security forces have clashed with Jund Ansar Allah, a radical Islamist group, in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip.Their leader, ... tags: Abdel-LatifAllahAnsaraymanhamasjazeeramohyeldin

Gaza launches 'better virtues' campaign - 31 Jul 09

A campaign has been launched in Gaza by the religous affairs ministry to promote what it calls 'better virtues'.The initiative goes from ... tags: affairsaymancampaigngazajazeeraministrymohyeldin

Palestinian Fatah forges comeback at conference - 3 Aug 09

It could be the biggest chance in years for the Palestinian faction Fatah to stage a comeback.On Tuesday, it will convene its first party ... tags: aljazeeraaymanconferencefatahhamasmohyeldin

Hamas faces allegations of Gaza prisoner abuse - 21 Aug 09

A Palestinian human rights group has accused Hamas' internal security forces of mistreating prisoners detained in secret locations across ... tags: alaljazeeraAymangazahamasIsraeljazeera