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Debt, Shutdown Deal in Place: Will it Pass?

Around midday, congressional leaders announced a Senate deal had been reached to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling.

Senate Votes to Reopen Gov't, Avoid Default

The Senate has voted to avoid a financial default and reopen the government after a 16-day partial shutdown. The vote was 81-18 Wednesday ...

Reid: House GOP Trying to 'torpedo' Progress

Senate Democrats reacted angrily Tuesday after the House GOP floated a plan to counter an emerging Senate deal to reopen the government and ...

Reid, McConnell Optimistic on Debt-Shutdown Deal

The Senate's top two leaders both expressed optimism Monday that they were closing in on an agreement to prevent a national financial ...

Cyclone Phailin Hits, Senate Talks Budget, Celeb Chef Dies

Cyclone Phailin makes landfall the shutdown debate shifts to the Senate 'MasterChef' contestant Josh Marks dies.

Senate Democratic And Republican Leaders Hold Private Talk On Fiscal Stalemate: Senior Aide

WASHINGTON Reuters - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell had a private talk on Saturday, ...

Reid: Open the Government, Let Us Pay Our Bills

The focus of efforts to end the government shutdown and prevent a U.S. default shifted to the Senate on Saturday, where leaders were in ...

Reid to Boehner: 'Bring It Up for a Vote'

In the week of the partial government shutdown, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid renews calls for House Republicans to pass clean budget ...

Preview: The Broken Senate

Current and former senators, including the majority and minority Senate leaders, tell Steve Kroft why the U.S. Senate is bogged down in ...

Senators Trade Barbs on Government Shutdown

One conservative House Republican is predicting that the partial shutdown of the government that began today will drag on. In the Senate, ...

Ted Cruz, GOP Leaders Split on Obamacare Strategy

The Texas senator won't have the support of Republican leaders in his push to filibuster a vote on a bill approved by the House GOP.

Senators Reflect on Tragedy at Navy Yard

Senators on both sides of the aisle briefly put aside the business of the day on Tuesday to offer sympathy for the victims of Monday's ...