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Peppy on the Big Screen

The Artist 2011 - Peppy on the Big Screen - George Jean Dujardin goes to see one of Peppy tags: Admiring_WomanAl_ZimmerAuctioneerBasil_HoffmanBérénice_BejoBeth_GrantBill_Fagerbakke

Tap Dancing to the Top

The Artist 2011 - Tap Dancing to the Top - George Jean Dujardin and Peppy 8220B tags: Admiring_WomanAl_ZimmerAuctioneerBasil_HoffmanBérénice_BejoBeth_GrantBill_Fagerbakke

Taking Bows

The Artist 2011 - Taking Bows - George Valentin Jean Dujardin takes a bit too long to bring Constance Missi Pyle out for a bow after the ... tags: Admiring_WomanAl_ZimmerAuctioneerBasil_HoffmanBérénice_BejoBeth_GrantBill_Fagerbakke

Following Her Lead

The Artist 2011 - Following Her Lead - George Valentin Jean Dujardin mimics Peppy tags: Admiring_WomanAl_ZimmerAuctioneerBasil_HoffmanBérénice_BejoBeth_GrantBill_Fagerbakke

The Artist - Trailer #1

The Artist 2011 - Trailer 1 - As silent movie star Jean Dujardin wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him to fade into ... tags: Admiring_WomanAl_ZimmerAuctioneerBasil_HoffmanBérénice_BejoBeth_GrantBill_Fagerbakke

Silent Movie Actor

The Artist 2011 - Silent Movie Actor - Zimmer John Goodman agrees to send the screenplay. tags: Admiring_WomanAl_ZimmerAuctioneerBasil_HoffmanBérénice_BejoBeth_GrantBill_Fagerbakke

The Breakfast Table

The Artist 2011 - The Breakfast Table - Doris Penelope Ann Miller is displeased with George8217s Jean Dujardin publicity regarding his new ... tags: Admiring_WomanAl_ZimmerAuctioneerBasil_HoffmanBérénice_BejoBeth_GrantBill_Fagerbakke

Feast of Love - Trailer #1

Feast of Love 2007 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Robert Benton and starring Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear, Billy Burke, Toby Hemingway, Fred ... tags: Agatha_SmithAlexa_DavalosAlex_MentzelBatBilly_BurkeBilly_SmithBradley_Smith

Good Times, Noodle Salad

As Good as It Gets 1997 - Good Times, Noodle Salad - Simon Greg Kinnear tells a story about his father to Carol Helen Hunt, while Melvin ... tags: Beverly_ConnellyBrian_Doyle-MurrayCafe_24_WaitressCarlCarol's_DateCarol_ConnellyCuba_Gooding,_Jr.

The Greatest Woman Alive

As Good as It Gets 1997 - The Greatest Woman Alive - Melvin Jack Nicholson finds the words to convince Carol Helen Hunt that she8217s the ... tags: Beverly_ConnellyBrian_Doyle-MurrayCafe_24_WaitressCarlCarol's_DateCarol_ConnellyCuba_Gooding,_Jr.

You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man

As Good as It Gets 1997 - You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man - Carol Helen Hunt asks for a compliment, and Melvin Jack Nicholson takes a ... tags: Beverly_ConnellyBrian_Doyle-MurrayCafe_24_WaitressCarlCarol's_DateCarol_ConnellyCuba_Gooding,_Jr.