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Orb Passes over Me

I was making this scene for another project and when I played it back I saw an orb. Orbs are spirits and apparently my dog, Teddy, didn't ... tags: ActivityArchangelArizonaBallBarkingBodyby

Did Mimi Alford Lie About Affair She Alledges She Had With JFK?

Mimi Alford, 'Once Upon A Secret' alledges she had an affair for 18 months with John F. Kennedy. Why did she wait 50 years to write her ... tags: AffairAlfordAllegationsAmylAssassinationAuthorBay

Strange Sounds in Costa Rica and My Thoughts - Annunaki

Seismologists ruled out ground movement in Costa Rica after strange sounds were heard. These sounds then were heard in the Ukraine and in ... tags: AbductionAlaskeAliensAnnunakiCanadaCheyenneCO

Ancient Civilizations and Christianity on 2012 - End Times

Included is a link of what ancient civilizations, Native Americans, Hindu religion and Buddhists feel is to occur in 2012. Christianity has ... tags: AliensAncientAnnunakiBibleBook Of RevelationChristiansCosta

How I Went From Dark Brown Red/Burgandy to Medium Ash Blonde

I changed my hair color without stripping the color or adding a bleach lightener. I will show you how my hair looked before and after. I ... tags: AshBeautifulBlondeBrownBurgandyChangingcolor

Conversations With My Father, Freemason 32nd Degree Past Worshipful Master

I will discuss the conversations I had with my late father who was a freemason and went through the chairs to become a 32nd Degree ... tags: 32ndConversationsDegreeDistinguishedEliteFreemasonryHand

2012 Predictions - On War, Terrorism, Radiation, Riots, Illness, Weather

New predictions on war in the Middle East. Terrorism in future. I discuss the Presidential election as well as protests and riots. I also ... tags: 08992012AllegationsAmericaBarackBenedictBush

Herman Cain's Fate Chosen by The Federal Reserve?

Could it be possible that Herman Cain's fate for President of the USA was chosen by The Federal Reserve Cain was previously on the board of ... tags: 0899AffairAllegationsBillCainCampaignCaucus

Closing Portals

I will tell you how to close portals. These portals allow demons to enter our dimension. Sometimes portals are opened accidentally but they ... tags: 0899ActivityClosingcsDemonsEnergyHell

Demonic Shadow Jumping on Wall in Abandoned House

From 330-347 we captured a shadow, which appears to be evil, jumping on the wall. It then appears to manifest itself and bends down in the ... tags: 0899 Abandoned Antiques Caught cs Death Evil

Save Your Relationship From Toxic People

My relationship was sabotaged for two weeks by two evil people. Never take advice from fools. I will tell you how to save your relationship ... tags: 0899 Christians cs Evil Faux From Fundamentalists

Youtube Stalker Continues to Slander My Child and Me

This person is apparently obsessed and jealous of me. I was told she is a female and she is a Faux Christian. I am giving this person 5 min ... tags: Allegations Angry Bullying Christian Clementi Cops Cyber