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Meteor hits Russia!

I put together some of the damage caused by the recent meteor that hit Russia. Wild indeed tags: damagedangerEnd_TimesmeteorMeteoriteRussiascary

NASA | Brilliant Fireball Over Lake Ontario | Space Central

Space Central SOMN FireBall Ontario Meteorite Meteor Brilliant Streaking Southern Ontario Meteor Network Sees a Rare Brilliant ...

United Nations Developing Asteroid Defense Plan

The United Nations is developing a plan to keep hazardous asteroids from hitting Earth.

Large Chunk of Russian Meteorite Recovered, Promptly Broken

The chunk of meteorite was dragged to shore by divers before it broke into three pieces and broke a scale used to weigh it.

Largest fragment of Chelyabinsk meteorite recovered

On Wednesday, just over 8 months after the 'Chelyabinsk' meteorite came crashing down to earth Russian divers retrieved the largest ...

Russian Meteor Recovered: Giant chunk lifted from lakebed

COURTESY RT's RUPTLY video agency, NO RE-UPLOAD, NO REUSE - FOR LICENSING, PLEASE, CONTACT The largest-discovered fragment of a Russian ...

Meteorite chunk lifted from Russian lake

Thousands of viewers around the world watched amateur video of a giant meteorite exploding over Russia's Ural mountains, in February. ...

Divers recover biggest piece of meteorite that crashed into Russia

What is believed to be the largest piece of the meteorite that crashed into Russia eight months ago was found at the bottom of a lake. The ...

Meteorite di 500 kg nel lago. Pesca miracolosa in Russia

Oltre mezza tonnellata di roccia di provenienza quasi certamente spaziale. E' la pesca miracolosa effettuata nel lago russo di Cherbakul, ...

'Fruit cake' meteorite part at sale

By Carswell ClarePart of a meteorite that looks 'a bit like a fruit cake' and is thought to be the UK's most expensive rock from outer ...

Incredible Meteor Crash In Russia

A meteor crashed over Russia's Chelyabinsk region, causing explosions that injured hundreds of people and frightened countless more