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Study: Vitamin E May Slow Alzheimers Decline

A study of more than 600 older veterans with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease showed that high doses of vitamin E delayed the decline ... tags: Diagnosis_and_treatmentDiseases_and_conditionsGovernment_and_politicsHealthMedical_researchMedicationNational

Dementia: 'a global emergency, needing a global solution'

Leaders from the worlds richest countries gathered at the G8 Summit in London on Wednesday. The hot topic at the summit was the need for a ... tags: Dementia:emergencyglobalMedical_researchneedingResearchsolution

Food science to fight obesity

As the Christmas holidays near, so does the temptation to indulge a little more than usual in all the culinary delights that come with the ... tags: fightFoodMedical_researchObesityscience

Study Says Vitamin D Doesn't Prevent Chronic Diseases

New research suggests low levels of vitamin D might be a consequence of some diseases, not a cause of them. tags: bone_healthcancercoldscoughshealth_newslow_vitamin_D_levelsmedical_research

New AIDS vaccine aims to block HIV from entering the body

December 1 is annual World AIDS Day an opportunity to look at how medical research into fighting the disease is progressing. Today, 35 ... tags: AIDSaimsbodyenteringfromHealthHIV

Elevator Makeover - Heat & Hairspray Eliminate Flyaways

Theodore Leaf and Jessica Harlow ambush Gillian, a medical research assistant, on her way out to do some research of her own. With their ... tags: Beautybeauty_tipsGlamourhairhairstylesJessica_Harlowmakeover

Doctors "beamed up" by robots

Thanks to new remote-controlled robots, introduced in hospitals across California and some other US states, doctors are now able to beam ... tags: beamedDoctorsMedical_researchNew_technologiesRoboticrobotsUSA

Cancer patients find music to be therapeutic

Cancer patients cope with the discomfort of treatment through music as part of a new program at the University of Maryland Medical Center. tags: cancer_patientscancer_treatmentchemotherapy_side_effectsLive_Music_Therapy_Programmedical_researchUniversity_of_Maryland_Medical_Center

Study: Sudden Deaths May Increase Lung Donations

Researchers say a little-known fact about lungs - they can stay alive for hours after someone dies - could increase the number of lungs ... tags: BiologyDiagnosis_and_treatmentHealthMedical_researchNationalNorth_AmericaNorth_Carolina

Study: Sudden Deaths May Increase Lung Donation

Researchers say a little-known fact - that lungs can stay alive for hours after someone dies - could increase the number of lungs suitable ... tags: BiologyDiagnosis_and_treatmentHealthMedical_researchNationalNorth_AmericaNorth_Carolina

Romanian scientists hopeful artifical blood will be lifesaver

Hemerythrin is a protein extracted from sea worms, and is the miracle ingredient with which chemists in Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, ...