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Galloway Confronts Kaffee

A Few Good Men 1992 - Galloway Confronts Kaffee - Lt. Cdr. Galloway Demi Moore gets in the face of Lt. Kaffee Tom Cruise in an attempt to ... tags: Aaron_SorkinCapt._Jack_RossCapt._WestCapt._WhitakerChristopher_GuestCol._Nathan_R._JessepCpl._Jeffrey_Barnes

A Woman to Salute

A Few Good Men 1992 - A Woman to Salute - Lt. Cdr. Galloway Demi Moore endures Col. Jessep8217s Jack Nicholson insults as she tries to ... tags: Aaron_SorkinCapt._Jack_RossCapt._WestCapt._WhitakerChristopher_GuestCol._Nathan_R._JessepCpl._Jeffrey_Barnes

You Can't Handle the Truth!

A Few Good Men 1992 - You Can't Handle the Truth - Lt. Kaffee8217s Tom Cruise search for the truth hits a roadblock in Col. Jessep Jack ... tags: Aaron_SorkinCapt._Jack_RossCapt._WestCapt._WhitakerChristopher_GuestCol._Nathan_R._JessepCpl._Jeffrey_Barnes

We Follow Orders or People Die

A Few Good Men 1992 - We Follow Orders or People Die - Lt. Kaffee Tom Cruise learns a lesson from Col. Jessep Jack Nicholson. tags: Aaron_SorkinCapt._Jack_RossCapt._WestCapt._WhitakerChristopher_GuestCol._Nathan_R._JessepCpl._Jeffrey_Barnes

Ask Me Nicely

A Few Good Men 1992 - Ask Me Nicely - Col. Jessep Jack Nicholson forces Lt. Kaffee Tom Cruise into a weakened position by forcing Kaffee to ... tags: Aaron_SorkinCapt._Jack_RossCapt._WestCapt._WhitakerChristopher_GuestCol._Nathan_R._JessepCpl._Jeffrey_Barnes

Jessep Is Arrested

A Few Good Men 1992 - Jessep Is Arrested - Col. Jessep Jack Nicholson reacts angrily when he realizes that he has been arrested. tags: Aaron_SorkinCapt._Jack_RossCapt._WestCapt._WhitakerChristopher_GuestCol._Nathan_R._JessepCpl._Jeffrey_Barnes

A Few Good Men - Trailer #1

A Few Good Men 1992 - Trailer 1 - Lt. Daniel Kaffee Tom Cruise tries two Marines for murder. tags: Aaron_SorkinCapt._Jack_RossCapt._WestCapt._WhitakerChristopher_GuestCol._Nathan_R._JessepCpl._Jeffrey_Barnes

Kaffee Melts Down

A Few Good Men 1992 - Kaffee Melts Down - At his wit8217s end, Lt. Kaffee Tom Cruise explodes when Lt. Cdr. Galloway Demi Moore makes a ... tags: Aaron_SorkinCapt._Jack_RossCapt._WestCapt._WhitakerChristopher_GuestCol._Nathan_R._JessepCpl._Jeffrey_Barnes

Campfire Story

Meatballs 1979 - Campfire Story - Tripper Bill Murray tells a scary story to the counselors around the campfire. tags: Bill_MurrayBrendaCandaceChris_MakepeaceCindy_GirlingCrockettEddy

The Swiss Trained Me to Kill

Meatballs 1979 - The Swiss Trained Me to Kill - Tripper Bill Murray tracks down Rudy Chris Makepeace at a diner and convinces him to return ... tags: Bill_MurrayBrendaCandaceChris_MakepeaceCindy_GirlingCrockettEddy

It Just Doesn't Matter!

Meatballs 1979 - It Just Doesn't Matter - Tripper Bill Murray rallies the troops with a rousing pep talk before the last day of the ... tags: Bill_MurrayBrendaCandaceChris_MakepeaceCindy_GirlingCrockettEddy

Let's Wrestle

Meatballs 1979 - Let's Wrestle - Tripper Bill Murray puts the moves on Roxanne Kate Lynch and then turns the tables when Morty Harvey Atkin ... tags: Bill_MurrayBrendaCandaceChris_MakepeaceCindy_GirlingCrockettEddy