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Martian Moon Has Weird Grooves On Its Surface

A new 3D video taken by Mars Express shows the weird stripes the surface of Phobos has. Scientists cannot yet explain how those lines ... tags: craterEuropean_Space_AgencyExplorationimpactMars_ExpressMoonsPhobos

Atemberaubende Bilder der Esa-Raumsonde 'Mars Express'

Zehn Jahre lang hat die Esa-Raumsonde 'Mars Express' hochauflsende Aufnahmen des roten Planeten gesammelt. Nun hat das Deutsche Zentrum fr ...

Mars 3D flyover video

This is a 3D flyover video of Mars showing mountains, craters and ancient river beds. The digital topography was captured by the Mars ...

Époustouflante vision de la planête Mars en 3D

Des chercheurs allemands du DLR ont reconstitu une carte 3D de la surface de la plante Mars partir de relevs topographiques de la sonde ...

Venus Express launch: ESOC mission control audio loop

At 0433 CET this morning, Venus Express was launched on a Soyuz-Fregat launcher from Baikonur, Kazakhstan mission control operated from ... tags: Arianeastronautsastronomyblack_holecometEarthEnvisat

ESA provides unique satellite delivery service

Europe's newest weather satellite, MSG-2, will be launched on 21 December 2005. ESOC, ESA's Space Operations Centre, will provide a custom ... tags: Arianeastronautsastronomyblack_holecometEarthEnvisat

Sciamachy observes air pollution

The Sciamachy instrument on ESA's Envisat satellite is a powerful monitor of global air pollution. This programme provides an overview of ... tags: Arianeastronautsastronomyblack_holecometEarthEnvisat

Integral views the Earth

Integral is ESA's 4-year-old orbiting astrophysics observatory, and is designed to look upwards into deep space to observe some of the ... tags: Arianeastronautsastronomyblack_holecometEarthEnvisat

Traces of Martian life: the search continues

Radar sounders aboard ESA's Mars Express and NASA's Mars Reconnaissance orbiters have already detected ice deposits deep underground. Now, ... tags: ESAesapodlife_on_marsmarsmars_expressmethanemex