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Manpower Videos - 4 by Popular

[Live 2005.5] The Manpower!!! - Morning Musume

from Concert Tour 2005 Spring 'Dai Rokkan HIT Mansai'LYRICSMANPOWER ga minagiruMANPOWER ga monogottsuiMANPOWER ga subarashiiMANPOWER ... tags: Hello!Manpower!!!MorningMusumeProject

Gumbo TV 40 - Diversity

Why are large corporations hiring diversity suppliers to fulfill their workforce needs Discover what a diversity supplier is and why we ... tags: diversitygumbomanpowersupplierworkforce

An Internet Version of Kelly Services (Temporary Help)

If you would like to learn about a company that hopes to transform the temporary office help industry the way that Expedia transformed the ... tags:

The Power of Collaboration: Manpower's First Anniversary in Second Life

Dancing Ink Productions, in collaboration with Draxtor Despres, produced this machinima in Life for Manpower Inc., celebrating Manpower's ... tags: accessAliceavatarsbusinesscompactcreativitydan

The Making of a Virtual Workplace

As part of the first anniversary of Manpower, Inc.'s entrance into Life, Dancing Ink Productions produced an experiential work venue in ... tags: danDarrowDejaVuemploymentEurekafoutsjeff

Second Life Message from Georg Kell of the UN Global Compact

Dancing Ink Productions in collaboration with Draxtor Despres on behalf of Manpower, Inc., present a special message from Georg Kell, ... tags: compactEurekafoutsgeorgglobaljoshuakell

Dancing Ink TV: Manpower's First Year in Second Life

Dancing Ink Productions, in collaboration with Manpower, Inc. and Draxtor Despres, presents the celebration of Manpower Inc.'s first ... tags: dancingDejaVudespresdisabilitydraxtorEurekaGentle

The Temp Life (Pilot): "Trouble"

When Mark gets a call from his temp agency Commodity Staffing with a job in 'the fashion industry,' he has no idea the kind of 'trouble' ... tags: adeccocomedyfunnyjobmanpowermy_temporary_lifeoffice

The Temp Life webisode 02: "What's in a Name?"

Laura discovers that Pedtastic is not a place where 'everybody knows your name.' workplace office spherion the-office psa ... tags: adeccocjpcomedycubitt_jacobs_prosekfunnyjobmanpower

The Temp Life webisode 03: "Let Them Eat $20 Cake"

In this webisode, temps Mark and Laura learn a valuable lesson about trust when Paul and Jen try to scam them out of 20 bucks for a ... tags: adeccocjpcjp-tvcubittjobmanpoweroffice