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Top Tech Toys for Women in 2013

Flashy Addition to iPhone. MakerBot 3-D Printer in Time for the Holidays. No More Woof Your Pet Wants to Talk to You. Workout Clothes Track ... tags: 3D_PrinterdogsexerciseFacebookiPhoneKickstarterLightstrap

Gartner Estimates Home 3D Printer Shipments Will Grow 49% This Year

While I'm wary of analyst reports that offer exact figures, Gartner expects 56,507 sub-10,000 3D printers to ship in 2013, a 49 percent ...

MakerBot Sends Colbert Into Space

MakerBot sent Stephen Colbert's head into space on a weather balloon with a Flipcam and a GPS enabled cell phone. Includes epic space ... tags: Colbertcolbert_headcreatesHeadIntoMakerBotmakerbotMakerBot

Creating a Dodecahedron with the Cupcake CNC Makerbot

Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer, and Zach Smith, also known as Makerbot induystries, present their all new Cupcake CNC makerbot tags: Adam_MayerArts_Digital_ArtBre_PettisCNCCupcakeCupcake_CNC_MakerbotDodecahedron

Using the MakerBot to Create a Small Business

What is a MakerBot and what will you do with it The founders of Makerbot Industries explain. tags: 3D_PrinterBusinessbusinessUsingbusiness_ideasBusiness_OthersCreateMakerBot

Makerbot Industries CEO Bre Pettis on The Colbert Report

Check out Bre's appearance on the Colbert Report They discuss MakerBot 3D Printing, the Colbert Head Mashup Challenge, and 3D Scanning tags: 3d_printing3d_scanningBreBre_PettisBusiness_OthersColbertmakerbot

The Makerbot Business on Start Small Think Big

Watch Bree appear on CNN's Start Small Think Big to learn about his Makerbot business. tags: 3d_printingBigBre_PettisBusinessBusiness_OthersMakerbotMakerbotThe

MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter Traces from a Video Frame

Footage of a MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter sketching a frame from the 'Man Leaps' animation project, a hackable example sticky note ... tags: Cupcake_CNC_MakerbotMakerBotMakerBot_3D_Printermakerbot_industriesmakerbot_pen_tracingmakerbot_unicornPen

The MakerBot Automated Build Platform

28-hour time lapse of a MakerBot Automated Build Platform print of a table-full of Mendel parts, captured at the Brooklyn MakerBot ... tags: 3d_printingAutomatedautomated_build_platformBuilddesktop_factoryMakerBotMakerBot_3D_Printer

MakerBot Unicorn Logo Print-to-Pad Derivative

The '' script provided for the MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter is endlessly hackable. Wanting the ability to printing down through ... tags: DerivativeLogoMakerBotmakerbot_hackmakerbot_industriesmakerbot_logo_plottingmakerbot_plotter