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Google Homepage, The Addams Family and the GOP

Go to the Google Homepage and check out their tribute to Charles Addams on his 100th Birthday. You may be surprised, as ... tags: AddamsAmericaBirthdayCandidatesCharlesCommentaryCousin

Call Lurch Please!!!

I was just playing Fester Quest, a game I once owned and lost and rebought used again. And This time I was playing it on my emulator. So I ... tags: 81 Addams around classic Family Fester goofing

Cat Addams

When it comes to pets, whats the only thing better than a monkey A man-eating lion of course The Addams Family are with us on this, so when ... tags: AddamsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogancousin

Happy Birthday Grandma Frump

Guest Star Alert - It's Margaret Hamilton, the wicked witch from 'Wizard Of Oz.' Here she plays Morticia's mother who is convinced shes two ... tags: AddamsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogancousin

Ophelia's Career

There's nothing more annoying than a needy sibling. Take it from me, my brothers can't stand me. So when Morticia's sister Ophelia shows up ... tags: AddamsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogancousin

The Addams Family Goes To School

Aghast It's the time of year every child loathes... When innocence is lost, and Tyranny runs free. Its... Back to School season. The Addams ... tags: AddamsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogancousin

Halloween With the Addams Family

Hey Dummy, I know it's Halloween time, and you have the attention span of a moth, but why dont you stop and watch this. It guest stars ... tags: AddamsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogancousin

Wednesday Leaves Home

If Wednesday runs away, does that mean it's a four-day work week When Gomez Morticia punish Wednesday for using Fester's dynamite caps ... tags: AddamsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogancousin

The Addams Family Splurges

Even in this economy the Addams Family still has money to burn. After Fester suggests a trip to the Moon, Gomez calculates the cost and ... tags: AddamsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogancousin

Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family

He's covered in hair, wears a strange hat, and his speech is unintelligible. No, it's not your creepy uncle, it's the Addams' cousin Itt. ... tags: AddamsanimalsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogan

Thing is Missing

All Hand Alert Thing is Missing Get my joke The 'All Hand Alert' Feel free to use it. When the Addams can't find their favorite 'thing', ... tags: AddamsastinblakeCarolynCassidycoogancousin