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Loans to eurozone businesses still contracting

Many eurozone businesses are still not getting the loans they need to expand despite ultra-low interest rates hobbling the regions ... tags: BankingbusinessescontractingECBEuropean_economyEuropean_UnionEurozone

Children 'groomed for payday loans'

By Phil BarnettThe Business, Innovation and Skills BIS Committee recommended pulling the plug on payday loans ads aimed at children after ... tags: childrenloansmpsnewseurope_newspayday

Credit Brokers | Made in Germany

For many years, Rainer Langen was a banker. Now he's putting his expertise to use to rescue companies in trouble. Langen helps companies ... tags: bankbankingbrokerscreditcreditsfirmshelp

Greece - No New Bailout Payments Without Further Spending Cuts | Made in Germany

Greece is waiting for the next tranche of loans from the EU and the IMF. But before the 31 billion euros can be released, the Greek ... tags: bailoutcrisisdeutsche_welleeconomicseurocrisisIMFloans

Do Banks Still Serve a Purpose? | Made in Germany

We speak with Ferdinand Fichtner from the German Institute for Economic Research DIW Berlin about the role of banks in the financial ... tags: bankscapitalcompaniesdeutsche_welleeconomicsfinancial_systemloans

Europe needs easy small business loans

Twenty-three million small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union SMEs form the backbone of its economy but many of them ... tags: businesseasyEuropeIndustryloansneedssmall

College students guide to financial independence

As college students head off to school, many are getting their first taste of financial independence. If they're not careful though, money ...

Car loans get extended as auto prices rise

The average cost of a new car has gone up 3,000 in the past four years - which has led to the new trend of longer car loans. Experian ...

WH pushes banks to give more home loans

The Obama administration wants banks to give home loans to more people, if if they have weak credit. CBS News contributor and analyst ...

RBI extends restriction of gold loans

RBI extends restriction of gold loans

Wage Dumping - Truckers under Pressure | Made in Germany

The competition is fierce. More and more German transport companies are declaring bankruptcy. They can't compete with Eastern European ...