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Sen. Chris Murphy on Shooting Violence and Mental Illness

Senator Chris Murphy tells Larry King that the bar needs to be lowered on what is considered mental illness in terms of being able to own a ...

Sen. Chris Murphy: I Don't Care Who Gets the Credit for Syrian Chemical Weapons Agreement

Senator Chris Murphy tells Larry King that Putin was always important to in negotiations with Syria so it doesn't matter if Obama or Putin ...

KPCC's Kitty Felde and CQ Roll Call's Niels Lesnieski on Impending Government Shutdown

KPCC's Washington DC Correspondent and CQ Roll Call's Senate Staff Writer Niels Lesniewski tell Larry that if the there is no resolution on ...

Sen. Chris Murphy on Opposing the President on Proposed Syria Strikes

Senator Chris Murphy tells Larry King that he is happy with the agreement being made with Syrian President Assad as opposed to the strikes ...

Who REALLY Holds the Power In DC?

Think You Know Where The Center of Power and Money In The Nation's Capital Is If You Think It's The White House Or Capitol Hill, You're ...

Rand Paul Is Too Intolerant To Be Called A 'Libertarian,' Says Party's Presidential Candidate

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson disputes Sen. Rand Paul's Libertarian credentials

Obama Should Start Firing People, Says Gary Johnson

2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson tells Larry Pres. Obama is weak on hiring and firing actions in his ...

Rand Paul Reaches Voters Where the GOP Can't

The junior senator from Kentucky could reshape the Republican Party if he can conquer his fact-check problem.

Rand Paul: U.S. going to "drop a drone hell-fired missile on Jane Fonda?"

In what he termed a 'filibuster' on a confirmation vote for CIA director nominee John Brennan, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., questioned U.S. ...

Could Ron Paul be the next president?

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is in a virtual tie for place in Iowa. The economic crisis seems to be opening voters' minds to his ...

Ron Paul Holds Massive Rally in Florida Despite Tropical Storm

Even though the Republican National Convention was delayed because of the tropical storm, Isaac didn't stop Ron Paul and his supporters ... tags: AmericaFloridalibertarianofPaulRonStates

Why I Don't Want to 'Win' an Argument

I talk about some of the reasons I feel disconnected from ideological battles, especially on the Internet. tags: argumentbattleconservativeideologyleftliberallibertarian