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Money Equals Speech?

More of my videos about money in politics at When Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show' interviewed former US Senator Russ Feingold, one ... tags: amendmentanalysisbillbuckleycampaigncandidatecitizens

Fox News Racist Crack Comment Just a Joke?

170+ Fox News Bias videos at When 'Fox and Friends' broadcast a story this week criticizing Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters ... tags: andbankersbiasbollingcongresscrackdemocratic

LiberalViewer Joins Polipop!

SUBSCRIBE to Polipop at News about Maker Studios at tags: alphacatbadlipreadingemergencycheesehowtheworldworksliberalliberalviewerMaker

Religions Must Cover Birth Control?

170+ Fox News Bias videos at The birth control coverage regulation announced by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen ... tags: abortionacogactaffordableafteramericaamericas

Benjamin Franklin Not Racist?

170+ Fox News Bias videos at When Fox News' supposedly straight news program 'America's News HQ' featured several stories from ... tags: 2281americanamericasarizonabenjaminbiascasey

Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea)

Uploaded under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license from tags: ClaycopyrightfairliberalliberalviewerPIPAShirky

Gingrich on SOPA Proves Even a Stopped Clock is Right Twice a Day?

More ACLU related videos at When Newt Gingrich at CNN's Southern Republican Presidential Debate came out against SOPA, the Stop ... tags: acluActcandidatescarolinaclayCNNcopyright

Bill O'Reilly Lie on Gitmo Lawyers EXPOSED?

170+ Fox News Bias videos at More bias from Bill O'Reilly at Lies from Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and Hot Air's Michelle Malkin ... tags: adamsal-qaedaattorneysbaybillciaclassified

Fox News Hides Santorum's Extreme Anti-Gay History Again?

170+ Fox News Bias videos at When Rick Santorum's extreme anti-gay past came back to haunt him in Iowa this week through a glitter ... tags: analbestialitybiasbombchilddogFox

Worst Fox News Anti-Atheist Spin of the Year?

160+ Fox News Bias videos at Between the Fox News creation of unnamed critics of outspoken Christian Tim Tebow who supposedly argue ... tags: andanti-atheistatheismbiasbradbroncoschristian

Is Newt Gingrich a Felon?

160+ Fox News Bias videos at When Nancy Pelosi told talking Points Memo that she knows a lot about the ethics problems of Newt ... tags: americasandreabeckelbillbobbriberybyron