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NCIS - Sensitive Information

Gibbs meeting with the lawyer of a serviceman about to go on trial for narcotics possession ends abruptly when the serviceman drops dead. tags: abbycbsepisodecrimecsidinozzoduckyespionage

NCIS - You're On Our Radar!

The investigation leads to an arms dealer whom the NCIS team has long been after. tags: abbycbsepisodecrimecsidinozzoduckyespionage

NCIS - No Need To Know

The Defense Intelligence Agency gets all over NCIS when NCIS's current investigation jeopardizes its investigation into another matter. tags: abbycbsepisodecrimecsidinozzoduckyespionage

NCIS - Cooperate, Or Else.....

Gibbs tries to persuade a young hacker responsible for the death of a Petty Officer, that it would be in his best interest to cooperate ... tags: abbycbsepisodecrimecsidinozzoduckyespionage

NCIS - Preview: Life Before His Eyes

During a routine stop for his morning coffee, Gibbs finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun, on the 200th episode of NCIS, Tuesday, ... tags: abbycbsepisodecrimecsidinozzoduckyespionage

NCIS - NCIS Celebrates 200 Episodes!

The cast celebrates reflects on the 200th episode of NCIS by taking a look back at some of the key events of NCIS lore. Don't miss the ... tags: 200thabbycakecbscbsepisodecelebrationcrime

NCIS - A Body in the Trunk

A police car draws suspicion when it drives erratically, and the officers are doubly shocked when they find a body in the trunk. tags: abby CBS crime csi dinozzo ducky espionage

NCIS - Time to Book Him!

When forensic evidence shows that Tony's father had means, motive and opportunity to commit the crime, Vance decides that it is time to ... tags: abby CBS crime csi dinozzo ducky espionage

NCIS - Sins of the Father

How do you solve a murder when your father is the prime suspect Robert Wagner returns Tune in on Tuesday, November 22nd at 8/7c on CBS tags: abby crime csi dinozzo ducky espionage gibbs

NCIS - Can you guess DiNozzo's Worst Fear?

On tomorrow's episode of NCIS, DiNozzo must face his worst fear. Can you guess what that is Tune-in tomorrow at 8 pm ET/PT to find out. tags: abby crime csi dinozzo ducky espionage gibbs

NCIS - Engaged (Part II)

As the NCIS team continues its search for a missing Marine, Gibbs and Ziva travel to her last known whereabouts in Afghanistan on NCIS, ... tags: abby crime csi dinozzo ducky espionage gibbs