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Lee Tergesen Videos - 3 by Popular

Baberaham Lincoln

Wayne's World 1992 - Baberaham Lincoln - Wayne Mike Myers and Garth Dana Carvey discuss Cassandra and Bugs Bunny8217s sex appeal. tags: AlanAnnouncerBad_CopBenjamin_KaneBrian_Doyle-MurrayCassandra_WongChris_Farley

Fast Food Order

Wayne's World 2 1993 - Fast Food Order - Wayne Mike Myers and Garth Dana Carvey play a joke on the drive thru guy, but it backfires. tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

Del's Plan for Waynestock

Wayne's World 2 1993 - Del's Plan for Waynestock - Del Ralph Brown sets forth his plan for the rock concert, which includes cyanide ... tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

Scouting the Location

Wayne's World 2 1993 - Scouting the Location - Wayne Mike Myers and Garth Dana Carvey scout the location for Waynestock on a dark rainy ... tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

Handsome Dan

Wayne's World 2 1993 - Handsome Dan - In a radio interview, Wayne and Garth poke fun at the host, Handsome Dan Harry Shearer. tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

The Partial Ocular Albino

Wayne's World 2 1993 - The Partial Ocular Albino - Wayne Mike Myers and Garth Dana Carvey meet a partial ocular albino Kevin Pollak who ... tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

The Leprechaun

Wayne's World 2 1993 - The Leprechaun - Wayne Mike Myers terrorizes Garth Dana Carvey on the show by pretending to be a leprechaun. tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

A Real Actor

Wayne's World 2 1993 - A Real Actor - Wayne Mike Myers asks for a better actor to play the gas station attendant andCharlton Heston is ... tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

Tighty Whiteys

Wayne's World 2 1993 - Tighty Whiteys - Garth Dana Carvey makes a love connection with Honey Hornee Kim Basinger at the laundromat. tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

Fighting Cassandra's Dad

Wayne's World 2 1993 - Fighting Cassandra's Dad - Wayne Mike Myers fights Cassandra8217s martial artist dad James Hong to prove himself ... tags: Bobby_CahnCassandra_WongChristopher_WalkenChris_FarleyDana_CarveyDan_BellEd_O'Neill

You're Fighter Pilots

Red Tails 2012 - You're Fighter Pilots - Major Stance Cuba Gooding Jr. gives the boys a reality check. tags: Andrew_SalemAnthony_HemingwayBryan_CranstonCaptain_BryceCol._A.J._BullardColonel_Jack_TomilsonCuba_Gooding,_Jr.

RED TAILS: Movie Trailer

\n \n The story of the Tuskegee Airmen. / 5 370 views \n \n \n 0238\n TrailersnbspRED TAILSnbspBryan ... tags: Action-AdventureAnthony_HemingwayBryan_CranstonCuba_GoodingDaniela_RuahEntertainmentJr.