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U.S. Justices Reject Call To Review Intelligence Court Action On Phone Records

The U.S. Supreme Court said Nov. 18 it would not review a ruling by a secretive intelligence court that authorized government access to ... tags: Domestic_NewsJuryleakerReutersSupreme_Court_of_the_United_StatesTelephonyUnited_States

Snowden appears in new WikiLeaks video, accepting intelligence award

New video released by WikiLeaks shows former N.S.A. contractor Edward Snowden accepting the 'Integrity in Intelligence' award. In Moscow, a ...

Snowden accepts award from ex-spies in Russia

NSA leaker Edward Snowden appeared in public in Moscow on Friday to accept an award from a group of ex-American spies who honor those who ...

Bradley Manning supporters protest outside White House

Supporters of the Army private convicted of leaking classified information urge President Obama to pardon the 25-year-old.

Bradley Manning apologizes for hurting U.S.

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning read a statement at his sentencing hearing apologizing for hurting the U.S. by leaking classified material to ...

Several factors behind Obama cancelling meeting with Putin

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to grant NSA leaker Edward Snowden asylum, President Obama cancelled a ...

U.S. sees Russian mindset as obstacle in re-setting relations

Russian officials said they are disappointed that President Obama called off a one-on-one meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. ...

Obama cancels meeting with Putin, Snowden a factor

President Obama canceled plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he heads to St. Petersburg next month. Bigad Shaban ...

Snowden granted temporary asylum in Russia

NSA leaker Edward Snowden almost went unnoticed as he slipped out of the Moscow airport after receiving 12 months of asylum. He's allowed ...

NSA Releases 2 Documents Describing Surveillance Programs

The NSA says its systems monitor 1.6 percent of all the world's Internet traffic. tags: leakernewsnsasurveillancetransparencyus

Punchlines: Snowden finally finds a home

After more than a month in a Russian airport, NSA leaker Edward Snowden has officially entered the country. Take a look at our favorite ... tags: ColbertEditorialjimmykimmelLeakerNSApage

Prosecutors Give Closing Arguments in Bradley Manning Trial

Manning's trial is drawing to a close. He is accused of leaking over 700,000 documents to WikiLeaks, and faces life in prison. tags: argumentsclassifiedclosingevilinformationleakermanning