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Launch of Record-Breaking 29 Satellites on Minotaur I Rocket from Virginia

A record breaking 29 satellites took a ride on an American Minotaur I rocket today from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The rocket ... tags: 29cubecubesatcubesatsfacilityflightislan

Anil Kapoor launches first look of animated film MAHABHARAT

Anil Kapoor launched the first look of this animation film. He unveiled the first trailer of the animated version of Mahabharat in Mumbai. ... tags: AnilanimatedfilmfirstKapoorlauncheslook

[Atlas V] Launch of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft to Mars on Atlas V Rocket

An Atlas V rocket successfully launched from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral today at 1828 UTC carrying NASA's latest Spacecraft ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex

[Atlas V] Launch Multiple Angles of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft to Mars on Atlas V Rocket

View of launch from the many cameras stationed around Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center.An Atlas V rocket successfully launched from ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex

NASA launches MAVEN to Mars

At 128 PM Eastern Monday, NASA's MAVEN spacecraft blasted off on a mission to explore Mars' atmosphere. The new robotic orbiter launched ... tags: atmospherebetterJenniferlaunchesMAVENmissionNASA

[Atlas V] MAVEN Spacecraft Separates from Centaur Upperstage

NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft successfully separated from the Centaur upperstage at 1921 UTC after launching from Cape Canaveral at 1828 UTC. The ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex

Pitbull Launching Unisex Perfume

Pitbull is the newest celeb to jump on the fragrance bandwagon. According to Women's Wear Daily, the crooner is releasing a scent for both ... tags: colognefamouslaunchesmenNewperfumerapper

NASA launches probe to find out what happened to Martian oceans

The US space agencys latest mission to Mars has blasted off, day one of a 10-month flight. fThe unmanned Atlas 5 rocket carries a probe ... tags: findlaunchesMarsMartianNASAoceansout

Kellie Pickler launches new album

Rising country singer Kellie Pickler is releasing her fourth studio album, The Woman I Am.A finalist on American Idols fifth season and a ... tags: albumCountry_musiceuronewsKellielaunchesnewnews

PlayStation 4 launches in New York

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Sony's newest gaming console PlayStation 4 PS4 hit U.S. stores on Friday November 15 on midnight. The ... tags: CutfansforGaminglaunchlaunchesmidnight

French front page accused of racist slur as government launches investigation

The front page of the French weekly magazine has led to a legal probe into alleged racism. It says, Clever as a monkey, Taubira gets her ... tags: accusedFranceFrenchgovernmentinvestigationJournalistlaunches