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Air Force mortuary dumped remains in landfill

News that Sgt. Scott Smith was disposed of as medical waste in a Virginia landfill is the latest startling revelation in an investigation ...

Compostable utensils: Not quite what they claim to be

These days, many companies are trying to bolster their green credentials by selling everything from environmentally friendly cars to ...

Landfill search for missing baby

There is still no sign of missing baby Lisa Irwin. Elaine Quijano reports.

Missile Launcher Discovered in Landfill Recycling Bin

Canadian law enforcement recently issued an alert to the public, informing residents that tossing a rocket launcher in a recycling bin isnt ...

No souvenirs: Wreckage of Ariel Castro's home to be pulverized, dumped in undisclosed landfill

Officials are trying to ensure that no one turns any piece of Ariel Castro's former home into macabre keepsake. The remains of the ... tags: ArielCastroFidelLandfill

VIDEO: Landfill combs over last trash piles

One of the state's two landfills is closed indefinitely, as of 330 p.m. Monday. Supporters of the site argue this has negative effects on ... tags: alliancelandfillmadmanagementmoretownmyersresource

Rio tip scavengers criticise impending closure - 27 Oct 09

One of the largest open-air landfills in Latin America is set to close. But while environmentalists are applauding the decision, not ... tags: americabrazilenvironmentjaneirolandfilllatinrio

Mandatory Energy-Efficient Bulbs Pose Waste Problem

The Canadian government's new energy-efficiency rules for light bulbs are fast approaching implementation, but there are no national ... tags: CanadacflefficiencyenergyKentlandfilllighting

Iraq Reconstruction Leaves Poor at Bottom of Heap

One-quarter of Iraq's population is currently living in poverty. Many displaced are forced to live and work in the trash heaps. Over 2,000 ... tags: Iraqiraqilandfillpovertyreconstructionsectarianviolence

Trash Mounts in Italy's Naples

Naples is sinking in trash. In the past, police have shut down a number of illegal landfills run by the mafia. Now, plans to build a new ... tags: crisisemergencygarbagegomorrahlandfillpoliceSilvio

Reinventing the Landfill

South Africa turns its garbage into power.Powered by Producer GlobalPost tags: AfricalandfillSouth