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Floral tributes mark Kim Jong Il's death anniversary

North Korea residents marked the anniversary of the death of former leader, Kim Jong Il by laying flowers in front of statues of him and ... tags: andCutdeathJongKoreansleadersnarration

North Koreans in festive spririts at... - no comment

North Korea has finished construction of a large-scale waterpark in Pyongyang. The Munsu Waterpark was built near the Taedong River, ...

N. Korea blocks S. Koreans from joint factory zone

North Korea is now blocking the entrance for South Koreans to go to work at a joint factory zone. Margaret Brennan reports on the latest in ...

South Koreans head to Kaesong talks

ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION A South Korean delegation left Seoul for Kaesong on Monday September 2 to attend the first meeting of the ...

North Koreans voice support for Pyongyang's threats to target U.S

Residents in Pyongyang gather to listen to the news that North Korea will target U.S. military bases as allies tighten sanctions against ... tags: behindforHouseKoreansPyongyangsreportssupport

North Koreans hold mass rally in support of military

North Korea's state media shows video of massive outdoor rallies in support of the army amid high tension on the peninsula. Thousands ... tags: armyDeborahhighKoreansKoreasmediaNorth

N. Koreans hold dance parties, celebrate Kim

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION North Korea's state-run television KRT on Thursday April 11 showed young men in suits and young women, ... tags: andbrightlyCutdancedancedKoreansnarration

North Koreans return home for founder holiday

North Koreans left China on Sunday, heading for the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, the country's founder on Monday, amid tensions over his ... tags: CutforfounderKimKoreanslateliving

North Koreans celebrate anniversary as Nato chief condemns provocations

Celebrating the 'Day of the Sun', these North Koreans take a boat trip on the Yalu River across the border into China. It's the 101st ... tags: anniversaryBijingboatborderfounderKoreansLily

Japan and South Korea hold protests for disputed islands

The row over islands disputed by South Korea and Japan intensifies on Friday as Japan marks 'Takeshima Day.' The islands, called Takeshima ... tags: activistsandclaimDokdodualKoreaKorean

Japan may grant foreigners suffrage

Few countries in the world allow foreign residents voting rights, but by next year foreign permanent residents living in the country could ... tags: alaljazeeraasianewsChinesefawcettharryjazeera