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Imam Khomeini Ehad-saz Shakhsiyat 04-06-2013 such tv

Imam Khomeini Ehad-saz Shakhsiyat 04-06-2013 such tv

Impact of Imam Khomeini's Islamic Revolution on region

Iraqi holy city of Najad is hosting a conference on the late founder of Irans Islamic Revolution Imam Rouhallah Khomeini, and his impact on ...

Iran charitable foundation distributes aid among Gazans

Iran's Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, a charitable body, has distributed forty thousand food parcels among needy Gaza families during the ... tags: EastFoodGazaIranKhomeiniMiddlePalestine

Hezbollah holds al-Quds Rally

Al-Quds day celebration seemed a suitable moment for Head of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to appear in person. tags: EastIranIsraelKhomeiniLebanonMiddleOccupation

People marks Quds Day in Pakistan's Karachi

Like the rest of the world, people in Pakistan poured on to the streets in their tens of thousands in solidarity with their Palestinian ... tags: Asia-PacificIranIsraelKhomeiniOccupationPakistanPalestine

Kashmir Observes International Quds Day

Tens of thousands of people flocked to mosques and shrines across Indian-controlled Kashmir to mark the last Friday of the holy month of ... tags: Asia-PacificIndiaIranIsraelKhomeiniOccupationPalestine

Under Israeli-siege for 6 years, Gazans marks Intl. Quds Day

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip marched after Friday prayers, marking the International Quds Day. Thousands of people thronged the streets ... tags: EastGazaIranIsraelKhomeiniMiddleOccupation

Iraqis rally to mark the International Quds Day

Islamic parties and organizations in Iraq annually observed the International Quds Day during the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. ... tags: EastIranIraqIsraelKhomeiniMiddleOccupation

Afghans mark Quds Day

The streets were packed with supporters of Palestinians, chanting anti Israeli and anti-American slogans. Washington has been widely ... tags: AfghanistanAsia-PacificIranIsraelKhomeiniOccupationPalestine

Syria-based Palestinian refugees mark Intl. Quds Day

Palestinian refugees in Syria have marched to the Omayyad mosque in Old Damascus to mark the International Quds day. They were carrying the ... tags: EastIranIsraelKhomeiniMiddleOccupationPalestine

Israeli forces prevent Palestinians from Quds Day rally

Tens of thousands of Palestinians left their homes from all over the West Bank and headed towards Jerusalem al-Quds in order to pray in ... tags: DayEastIranIsraelKhomeiniMiddlePalestine

Pakistanis rally in support of Palestinians in Intl. Quds Day

Hundreds of people took to the streets in Pakistan's major cities to show solidarity with the Palestinians for their resistance against the ... tags: Asia-PacificIranIsraelKhomeiniOccupationPakistanPalestine