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Kevin Smith leaks the NEW BAT SUIT - AMC Movie News

WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE Mail Bag Question Jay Jibs writes Hey guys, you are one of a kind. Kevin Smith said on his podcast recently that ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkBatman_vs._SupermanbatsuitBen_AffleckErin_DarlingJohn_Campea

Youtubers React To Ben Affleck Batsuit

Youtubers React to Ben Affleck's Batsuit. Kevin Smith let everyone know that there were absolutely NO nipples. tags: Ben_AffleckBen_Affleck_BatmanBen_Affleck_BatsuitHenry_CavillKevin_SmithKevin_Smith_BatmanSuperman_VS_Batman_2014

Ben Affleck's New Batsuit Doesn't Feature A "Single Nipple," Says Kevin Smith

Ben Affleck's Batsuit isn't going to be as unintentionally hilarious as the one George Clooney wore in 1997's Batman and Robin. According ...

'Cop Out' Movie Review

Does Bruce Willis Tracy Morgan = the new Lethal Weapon Host Grace Randolph finds out if audiences want to walk the beat with this buddy ... tags: BeyondTheTrailerBruceWillisCopOutMovieCopOutMovieReviewCopOutReviewKevinSmithMovie

Harry Knowles

Fanboys 2009 - Harry Knowles - Harry Knowles Ethan Suplee challenges the fanboys with a pop quiz of Star Wars trivia.nbsp tags: Admiral_SeasholtzAlienAmberBartenderBig_ChuckBilly_Dee_WilliamsCarrie_Fisher

The Chief's Guacamole

Fanboys 2009 - The Chief's Guacamole - The Chief Danny Trejo serves the fanboys some peyote-laced guacamole. tags: Admiral_SeasholtzAlienAmberBartenderBig_ChuckBilly_Dee_WilliamsCarrie_Fisher

The End Is Nigh

Red State 2011 - The End Is Nigh - Pastor Cooper Michael Parks gives a scorching sermon on what8217s wrong with the world and how America ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

The Wrath of God

Red State 2011 - The Wrath of God - Pastor Cooper Michael Parks preaches to his congregation about the wrath of God, and then gives them a ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

We're Not Terrorists!

Red State 2011 - We're Not Terrorists - Keenan John Goodman argues with a colleague about how to best approach the domestic terrorist ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

Eye for an Eye

Red State 2011 - Eye for an Eye - As agents Keenan John Goodman and Brooks Kevin Pollak discuss their next course of action, a sudden shot ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton