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Jobless Videos - 2 by Popular

Bank of America ATMs to feature real on-screen tellers

The unemployment rate ticked down to 7.6 percent, former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling may be freed from prison earlier than expected, and ...

Unemployed Americans fearing the "fiscal cliff"

Unless a budget deal is reached by the end of the year, automatic, across-the-board spending cuts will kick in, taxes will go up, and 2 ...

Unemployment falls to 7.7 percent

In the first unemployment report after the election, the Labor Department says the unemployment rate dropped two-tenths of a point in ...

Olive Garden retreats on Obama health care law threats

Weekly jobless claims fell 25,000 to 370,000 but Superstorm Sandy is still affecting the numbers. Also, Darden Restaurants, which owns Red ...

Reed, Harkin call for extension of unemployment benefits

On the looming expiration of unemployment benefits, Sen. Jack Reed argued, 'This is the real cliff,' warning of the economic consequences ...

Starbucks offers new $7 coffee

Stocks opened higher after House Speaker Boehner and President Obama expressed optimism in their fiscal cliff negotiations, a new brew of ...

Obama's next four years

Following President Obama's re-election to the White House, Nancy Cordes, who has been following the president throughout the campaign, ...

German unemployment up, eurozone jobless steady

There was an unexpected rise in the number of people out of work in Germany in September.The total - when adjusted for seasonal factors ...

Osborne: Jobless to work for dole money

Chancellor George Osborne says that welfare claimants will have to work for their dole money and that there is 'no something for nothing ...

La generaci?n perdida? A lost Generation? | Made in Germany

The jobless rate in Spain has soared. Youth unemployment now stands at nearly 50 percent. In Spain, they are now called'La generacin ...

Jobless commiserate on Craigslist

Millions of out-of-work Americans are at their wits end in their hunt for a job. And, as Elaine Quijano reports, some are turning to the ...

Bad credit, no credit... No job

Job seekers with bad credit may be at a severe disadvantage. Sixty percent of employers say they now run credit checks on some or all of ...