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Jimquisition: Beneath A Steel Skyrim

What does a huge, open-world roleplaying game and a linear point-and-click adventure from the 90's have in common Well, aside from the fact ... tags: beneathjimjimquisitionskyskyrimsteelsterling

Jimquisition: Taking Videogames Seriously

When will games be taken seriously Why isn't anybody taking videogames seriously How many times can Jim say the word 'seriously' in a ... tags: gamesjimjimquisitionsterlingvideo

Jimquisition: The Ten Worst Games of 2011

The year is almost out, and we must celebrate it by publishing meaningless award ceremonies. In true Jimquisition style, our noble hero ... tags: jimjimquisitionsterling

Jimquisition: SOPA Approved

The Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA could change the Internet forever if enforced. Having been written in such broad and vague terms, giving ... tags: jimjimquisitionsopasterling

Jimquisition: Limited Collector's Complete Edition

The heroic Jim Sterling is back once again to champion the rights of those too weak to champion themselves, and bask in the very palpable ... tags: collectorseditionjimjimquisitionsterling

Jimquisition: Piracy Episode One - Copyright

Piracy is one of those issues that will absolutely never die, like the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle of the truth of the Zelda Timeline. ... tags: jimjimquisitionpiracysterling

Jimquisition: Piracy - Trying To Kill It Makes It Stronger

Piracy will never be destroyed entirely. It's a fact of life that some people just like to help themselves to freebies. However, not all ... tags: jimjimquisitionpiracysterling

Jimquisition: When Piracy Becomes Theft

Piracy isn't theft, right It's copyright infringement, yes These statements aren't wrong, but they're not always correct. Not when we talk ... tags: jimjimquisitionpiracysterling

Jimquisition: Welcoming A Digital Future

The idea of a 'digital era' is something that gets major publishers wet between the legs, and whatever dampens their pants should turn ours ... tags: digitaldistributionjimjimquisitionsterling

Jimquisition: Ubisoft

The Jimquisition has criticized many game publishers, especially Electronic Arts. Jim Sterling's wise judgements have been just and fair, ... tags: artselectronicjimjimquisitionsterlingubisoft