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Jennifer Lawrence Cleaning Up Her Act this Awards Seasons

Jennifer Lawrence is a woman at a crossroads. Awards season, which she single-handedly dominated last year, is approaching and the 'It' ... tags: actherhollyscoopjenniferjennifer_lawrence_interviewlawrencepromises

Joan Rivers Attacks Jennifer Lawrence

Fashion Police Joan Rivers goes after Jennifer Lawrence for being too high on herself after winning an Oscar and becoming so famous for The ... tags: ENTVFashion_Police_2013Jennifer_Lawrence_2013Jennifer_Lawrence_American_HustleJennifer_Lawrence_Catching_FireJennifer_Lawrence_InterviewJennifer_Lawrence_Oscars

Celebs React To SAG Award Nominations

Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Clark Gregg, Kerry Washington and Sandra Bullock react to the SAG Award Nominations. tags: Clark_GreggClark_Gregg_InterviewENTVJennifer_Lawrence_InterviewLee_Daniels_The_ButlerMatthew_McConaugheySAG

Jennifer Lawrence Worries that People Hate Her

Jennifer Lawrence is possibly the most loved girl in Hollywood right now. It seems like no one hates her, but she says she is still nervous ... tags: american_hustledontherhollyscoopjenniferjennifer_lawrence_interviewlawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Just Wants Fans to Leave Her ALone

Who doesnt love Jennifer Lawrence The most self-aware actress in young Hollywood sat down with Marie Claire Australia magazine to discuss ... tags: fansherhollyscoopjenniferjennifer_lawrence_interviewjennifer_lawrence_marie_clairejust

Why Was Jennifer Lawrence in Therapy?

Not long before she was Hollywood's golden girl, she struggled with social anxiety. Jennifer Lawrence even reveals she had to go to therapy ... tags: hollyscoopjennifer_lawrencejennifer_lawrence_anxietyjennifer_lawrence_interviewjennifer_lawrence_social_anxietyjennifer_lawrence_therapystephanie_bauer

Did Jennifer Lawrence Diss Miley Cyrus as 'Disgusting?'

Jennifer Lawrence is our down-to-earth golden girl, so what on Earth does she think about other young stars getting raunchy tags: callsdisgustinghollyscoopjenniferjennifer_lawrence_and_miley_cyrus_feudjennifer_lawrence_interviewjennifer_lawrence_slams_miley_cyrus

TOP 5 Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire Interviews

TOP 5 Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire Interviews. Including Camel Toes, Justin Timberlake Crushes and her new short haircut.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Casts Stef Dawson

The Hunger Games Mockingjay casts Stef Dawson as Annie Cresta. She is the girlfriend of Sam Claflin's Finnick Odair.

Sundance 2010 – “Winter's Bone” – Jennifer Lawrence & Debra ...

Los Angeles actor/writer, Tim Coyne, brings you a 2010 Sundance Film Festival interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Debra Granik of ... tags: 2010AllangelesArtsAwardbestbest_Sundance_coverage