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Janet Parshall Videos - 3 by Popular

Staff Sergeant Chad Malmberg

A soldier's service to his country is often measured in bravery. For Minnesota National Guard Staff Sergeant Chad Malmberg, his bravery is ... tags: chadclickforinformation.itemJanet ParshallJanet Parshall's America

Bill Sammon

It's Bill Sammon's latest book about President George W. Bush's Presidency, entitled 'The Evangelical President.' The White House ... tags: Bill SammonBill_Sammonclickforinformation.itemJanet Parshall

Ron Luce

Several weeks ago, CNN broadcasted a series entitled 'God's Warriors'. Did they portray the interviewed Christian leaders fairly ... tags: clickforinformation.itemJanet ParshallJanet Parshall's AmericaJanet_Parshall

Sgt. Paul T. Archie

U.S. Marine Corps 1st Sgt. Paul T. Archie's Marines is our Hero of the Week. Hear the story of how he earned a Bronze Star Medal with The ... tags: archieclickforinformation.itemJanet ParshallJanet Parshall's America

Brigadier General Terry Wolff

Ken Burns' new documentary on World War II is stirring, especially to recall how our country at that time rallied to defeat common enemies. ... tags: brigadierclickforgeneralinformation.itemJanet Parshall

Joe Dallas

It was Ted Kennedy Day in the US Senate, as that august body debated the proposed addition of Hate Crimes legislation to the Defense ... tags: clickforinformation.itemJanet ParshallJanet Parshall's AmericaJanet_Parshall

Emir Caner

It seemed every time someone asked a tough question to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this past week, his answer was that the ... tags: clickEmir CanerEmir_Canerforinformation.itemJanet Parshall

Ralph Webb

The Episcopal Church has been meeting to determine 'the mind of the Church' on many matters, including its accommodation toward homosexual ... tags: clickforinformation.itemJanet ParshallJanet Parshall's AmericaJanet_Parshall

James Walker

'The Secret' has suddenly become all the rage. Out of seemingly nowhere it has become one of the nation's hottest bestselling books of all ... tags: clickforinformation.itemJames WalkerJames_WalkerJanet Parshall

Andy McCarthy

Janet talked with Andy McCarthy about his recent National Review column, which expresses support for President Bush's AG nominee, Judge ... tags: Andy McCarthyAndy_McCarthyclickforinformation.itemJanet Parshall

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

With invocations to Allah and to an apocalyptic Imam, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad preached, if you will, a utopian Islamic ... tags: Ahmadinejadclickforinformation.iranianitemJanet Parshall

David Dolan

In addition to Israel's reaction to Ahmadinejad's speeches, other stories from Israel include a decision to release 90 more ... tags: clickDavid DolanDavid_Dolanforinformation.itemJanet Parshall