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Top Playmakers of 2013

Cy Young Award Winners. Peyton Manning Lands SI's Sportsman of the Year Title. Yasiel Puig has Taken the Major League by Storm. Grinnell ... tags: Clayton_KershawCy_Young_AwardDenver_Broncosgay_rightsGrinnell_CollegeJack_TaylorJason_Collins

How college player scored 138 points in one game

College basketball player Jack Taylor scored a record 138 points in a single game, but didn't fare so well in the next game, leading ...

Boris Enters the Ninth Gate

The Ninth Gate 1999 - Boris Enters the Ninth Gate - Dean Johnny Depp watches as Boris Frank Langella enters The Ninth Gate. tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

Some Books Are Dangerous

The Ninth Gate 1999 - Some Books Are Dangerous - Dean Johnny Depp compares his client8217s book to one belonging to Victor Fargas jack ... tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

A Man Whose Loyalty Can Be Bought

The Ninth Gate 1999 - A Man Whose Loyalty Can Be Bought - Boris Frank Langella gives Dean Johnny Depp his assignment to authenticate a rare ... tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

Why the Devil?

The Ninth Gate 1999 - Why the Devil - Baroness Kessler Barbara Jefford tellsnbspDean Johnny Depp about her encounter with the devil. tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

An Unscrupulous Bookdealer

The Ninth Gate 1999 - An Unscrupulous Bookdealer - Dean Johnny Depp swindles a valuable book from an unsuspecting family. tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

You Should Be More Careful

The Ninth Gate 1999 - You Should Be More Careful - The Girl Emmanuelle Seigner rescues Dean Johnny Depp from an attack. tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

Blood Baptism

The Ninth Gate 1999 - Blood Baptism - The Girl Emmanuelle Seigner andnbspDean Johnny Deppnbsprecover from a fight in the street. tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

The Last Engraving

The Ninth Gate 1999 - The Last Engraving - Dean Johnny Depp finds the correct image and enters the Ninth Gate. tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

Raise the Devil

The Ninth Gate 1999 - Raise the Devil - Dean Johnny Depp vists Liana Telfer Lena Olin, the widow of a recently deceased book collector. tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso

The Enigma Is Solved

The Ninth Gate 1999 - The Enigma Is Solved - Dean Johnny Depp tracks down Boris Frank Langella in a remote castle. tags: Allen_GarfieldAndrew_TelferBarbara_JeffordBaroness_KesslerBernieBoris_BalkanDean_Corso