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Exhausted Rihanna to take a BREAK from her music career

The American singer turned actress Beyonce Knowles has reportedly urged pop star Rihanna to take a year off to avoid burning out. tags: 101 tour album baby beyonce beyonce pregnant bikini break

Pokemon Ruby [Episode 1] No Hoes for Hoenn!

Welcome to the world of Pokemon So I'm doing a few different things with this LP 1. Naming the Episodes based on the Pokemon Anime episode ... tags: ash,battle,birch,brendan,crates,diamondepisode,

How to use the "Cain and Able" software

This video shows you how to use the quotCain and Ablequotby downloaded in the previous video and now im showing you the REAL ... tags: ablecaincrackdoinghackhackingHowto

McDonald's FAIL (Runescape Machinima)

this to watch more Runescape machinima by M4gePure1995McDonald's FAIL Runescape MachinimaAnother short random video that about 2 of the ... tags: 1995cooldon'tdontfantasygameshalloween

Runescape: Wannabe Mods (Machinima)

the above link to watch more Runescape machinima videos by M4gePure1995Runescape Wannabe Mods MachinimaMade by M4gePure1995 you ... tags: 1995cooldon'tdontEntertainmentfantasygames

How To EV Train in 5 Minutes

Edit it does not take 5 to EV Train, It takes 5 to Explain and Understand EV Training. lol.If any one has Questions, then Comment... If ... tags: beginnerbreedingeasyfasthowIVsminutes

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum IV/EV Tutorial

Using the online battle simulator Pokmon NetBattle Supremacy, newer players can easily identify and manipulate stats to help them ... tags: "dsanimearceusbattledarkraidiamonddsi

I Hate IVs

I know I need to get a grip. Thought it was just me, but a mom friend who just had a C-section said she screamed and demanded the ... tags: AllAll_VideosbabyC-sectionComedyHistoryhospital

Shiny Tangela (LeafGreen) Encounter, Fully Legit, Route 21 AND Kakkadragon is Back!

Yeah I'm back after about 2 weeks, the reasons why I was away are in the video and yeah this is a fully legit Shiny Tangela, it is my 5th 1 ... tags: ArticunoBishaanFireRedFullyGamesGuyIVs