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Gingrich Would Ignore US Military Commanders On Iran

Will Newt Gingrich ignore the advice of US military commanders to side with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a possible war ... tags: Benjamin Netanyahubomb irancenk uygurgingrich dempseygingrich irangingrich israeliran gas prices

War With Iran A Terrible Idea - Here's Why

'Should Israel decide to launch a strike on Iran, its pilots would have to fly more than 1000 miles across unfriendly airspace, refuel in ... tags: bomb irancenk uyguriran gas pricesiran israeliran nucleariran obamairan oil

Can We Stop A War With Iran?

If Israel attacks Iran will President Obama lead the United States into another war What can you do to help prevent it The Young Turks host ... tags: bomb irancenk uyguriran gas pricesiran israeliran nucleariran obamairan oil

CrossTalk: Iranoia

The international community has numerously voiced its support for nuclear proliferation, especially when dealing with a regional power like ... tags: Gawdat BahgatGilbert DoctorowIranIran nuclearIran oilIran warnuclear

Eastern Block: Iran oil fuels Tiger's appetite

Israel has rebuffed all warnings against striking Iran, which have been consistently coming from the international community. The country's ... tags: Britainconflictconsumerscost of lifeembargofood pricefuel

US Moving to Undercut Iran Oil Markets

The US government is trying to shrink the market for Iranian oil to deprive Tehran of funds for its nuclear program. And Iranian consumers ... tags: embargo IranIRAN oilIRAN US oilVOAVoice of America

MSM Hyping Iran Threat, Warmongering

The mainstream media is playing up the threat from Iran. Will this lead to a US invasion and war that also involves Israel The Young Turks ... tags: cenk uyguriran bombiran gas pricesiran israeliran nucleariran obamairan oil

Keiser Report: German Empire vs Greek Carthage (E250)

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss a 'Grexit' after the Carthaginian peace deal and also safety net critics ... tags: AhmadinejadanalysisbankingbankruptCarthaginian peaceChris Whalencollateralized hemlock futures