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How To Install Android 2.2.1 On iPhone 3G/2G - Dual Boot Froyo 2.2

This Is A Really Cool Guide That Will Show iPhone Users How To Run And Dual Boot Android 2.2.1 On Their Devices. No Computer RequiredYou ... tags: 1st2.10.042nd3gs3rd4th5.14.02

Episode #8: Sexting Gets You Pregnant

Microsoft loves your money, the Arcade gets a new holiday, 360 controller finally gets a redesign, a brand spanking new iPod Touch is on ... tags: 3603DSAppAppleBorderlands_GOTYBurger_KingCastle_Crashers

Apple Goes 3D - The Apple Byte

3D without glasses is the only way Steve Jobs will do it, you'll have thoughts about using the iPad as a camera, and more iPhone tips. tags: AppleApple_3D_Viewingapple_corebrianByteControlDormancy

iOS 4.2 Managing Folders on the iPad: Episode 138

to Play Episode 138In this episode, D.Lee Beard uses iOS 4.2 to demonstrate how to create folders to group apps, how to name those folders, ... tags: AppleFoldershow-toiOS_4.2ipadReviewtutorial

iOS 4.2 AirPrint and AirPlay on the iPad: Episode 139

to Play Episode 139D.Lee Beard briefly discusses the new AirPlay and AirPrint features of the iOS 4.2 operating system for Apple's mobile ... tags: AirPlayAirPrintAppleiOS_4.2ipadReview

iOS 4.2 Find an iPad if Lost: Episode 140

to Play Episode 140D.Lee Beard demonstrates how to use the new 'Find my iPad' feature in iOS 4.2 including setting up a free MobileMe ... tags: cutEducationEducational_TechnologyEducation_Trainingfinalfind_my_ipadgadget

iOS 4.2 and Screen Locking: Episode 136

to PlayD.Lee launches a series of videos on the new iOS 4.2 for Apple devices like the iPad. In this episode he discusses how Apple turned ... tags: ApplecutEducationEducational_TechnologyEducation_Trainingfinalgadget

iOS 4.2 Multitasking on the iPad: Episode 137

to PlayIn this episode, D.Lee Beard demonstrates the multitasking capabilities of the new iOS 4.2 for the iPad. tags: ApplecutEducationEducational_TechnologyEducation_Trainingfinalgadget

Avoid Black Friday Scams! $500 PC Build, 3 Tips for Better Streaming Video, Indestructible Earbuds, ...

Iron Man's Interface DIY 3D Kinect HacksYour Picks for Indusctructible Earbuds, The Return of the Revenge of the 500 PC Build, Top Tips for ... tags: $5003d_kinect_hacks500_dollaramazonauto_correct_failsavoidbad_movies