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Banshee - POV On Ride - King Island 2014

Vido on ride de Banshee King Island, le plus long inverted coaster du monde, qui ouvrira ses portes en 2014. Plus d'informations sur tags: BansheeBolligerCoasterInvertedKingMabillardMontagnes

How To Do The Pole Dance Caterpillar Crawl

Emily Ford, a pole dance instructor at the Factory fitness centre in London, shows you how to do an advanced caterpillar move. tags: caterpillardancedancingdohowinvertedpole

Office Prank For April Fools' Day - Tekzilla Daily Tip

Want to play a harmless prank on friends or coworkers Watch today's Tekzilla Daily Tip tags: aprilbelmontdailygaminginvertinvertedmouse

Orkanen : Le nouvel Inverted Coaster de FÃ¥rup Sommerland

Orkanen Le nouvel Inverted Coaster de Frup tags: camcoasterfårupinvertedoffrideonrideorkanen

Bodyboarding: Inverted Air

Body boarding Inverted Air. A great body boarding video explaining an advanced manoeuvre of the Inverted Air. VideoJug's champion body ... tags: airbodyboardbodyboardinginvertedleashmanoeuvressurfing

Milk Man: World's Worst Superhero

Tweet FB adventures of Milk Man - the worst super hero in the world Where there's dairy, Milk Man is there with his udderal blasts and ... tags: anywayBattlefieldBattlefield_4_Trailerbookbrandonbrandonjlachallenge

Silver Bullet Roller Coaster -- Split-screen POV @ Knott's Berry Farm

Watch the full video here -- Episode 26b Silver Bullet Split-screen multi-cam Filmed at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA on ... tags: amusementbackwardsberryboomerangbulletcaught on tapecedar

Silver Bullet Roller Coaster -- Front Row POV @ Knott's Berry Farm

to watch the Split-screen version -- Episode 26 Silver Bullet s2 Finale Filmed at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA on September ... tags: amusementbackwardsberryboomerangbulletcaught on tapecedar

Fire Flower

RT FB The quest for the mythical fire flower, and the unimaginable power it bestows Special thanks to Action Factory and ... tags: Battlefield 3 TV CommercialBattlefield 4 TrailerbrandonbrandonjlaBurnBurningfamicon

Getting Soaked On The Bigfoot Rapids River Raft Ride @ Knott's Berry Farm

Episode 25 Bigfoot Rapids Filmed at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA on September 21, 2011. Roller Coaster Commotion Experience the ... tags: 1122amusementbackwardsberrybigfootboomerangbullet