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Plague of locusts invades Yemen causing misery for farmers

Swarms of locusts have invaded Yemen, aggravating the food shortage situation that farmers face. Report by Nathoom. Like us on Facebook at ... tags: cropsfood_shortageinsectsinvadelocustlocustslocusts_plague

Vikings invade London to mark 1000th anniversary

1000 years ago, Danish Viking King Sweyn Forkbeard invaded London, overthrew Ethelred the Unready and became the King of England. To mark ... tags: AnniversaryDockDrinkHeritageInvadeinvadingMark

A moda invade o metrô

Um desfile no metr em So Paulo marcou o incio da edio de inverno 2014 do So Paulo Fashion Week.

Zombies Invade Universal Studios - Video

Zombies Invade Universal Studios - Video

LOL FUN - Counter invade soraka - legue-of-legends

LOL FUN - Counter invade soraka - legue-of-legends

Spiders taking over Texas town?

They have eight legs, crawl and some people can't even bear to look at them. However, as Phil Anaya reports, some San Antonio residents ...

Russo invade estação de metrô para andar de moto

Cada um tem a sua fantasia ou o seu sonho. Este russo idealizava andar com sua moto dentro de uma estao de metr, e ele realizou a faceta. ...

Hollywood - L'invasion des Aliens - Documentaire [VF]

Plus d'infos diffusion en 1997.Ce documentaire jette un regard sur Hollywood et sa manire de reprsenter les extraterrestres dans les films. tags: alienaliensArrivalAttacksémissionDayIndependence

Greenpeace invade central nuclear na França

Dezenas de militantes do Greenpeace entraram nesta segunda-feira em uma central nuclear no sul da Frana. Os ativistas usaram projees para ... tags: centralENERGIAFrançaFRANCAGreenpeaceinvadena

Homem invade depoimento de Tony Blair

Um homem interrompeu um depoimento do ex-primeiro-ministro da Inglaterra, Tony Blair. O manifestante invadiu a sala. Ele gritou que o ... tags: BLAIRDEPOIMENTOINGLATERRAinvadeINVASAOTonyWEB

GRITtv: Danny Schechter: The Politics of Leaking

Danny Schechter discusses the latest WikiLeaks data and the way the Guardian, the New York Times, and other publications shared and ... tags: ahmadinejadBushDannyflandersgritgrittvinvade

Chile student protesters invade senate

Student demonstrators in Chile took direct action in the Senate headquarters on Thursday, by forcing their way into the building in ... tags: ChileDemonstrationeuronewsinvadeprotesterssenatestudent