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Obama calls Iran nuclear deal 'an important first step'

President Obama says the U.S. has agreed to provide Iran with 'modest relief' from sanctions as part of a deal on the countryaposs nuclear ... tags: economic_sanctionsforeign_relationsgenevaglobal_relationsinternational_lawiranmiddle_east

The USLAW Network: Benefitting Clients

Many of the cases structured settlement brokers handle are very complex. Clients in these situations need great legal counsel to represent ... tags: catastrophic_injuryEducationGovernment_Organizationsinternational_lawLaw_Firm_DiversityNationalNational_Law_Firm

95bFM/ Why Labour Needs David Shearer

95bFM/ audio - This week Jon Armistead and Selwyn Manning discussthe battle of the Davids and discuss why Labour needs to ... tags: ActivismAidAucklandDefenceDevelopmentEastElections

How Solos Can Build an International Law Practice

Are you looking to build your international law practice New Solo host, Attorney Kyle Guelcher, a solo practitioner and the most recent ... tags: 19_USCCharles_Whittiercross_boarder_transactionscustoms_lawEducationexport_lawGovernment_Organizations

Law Report 2011-11-22

Climate Change The PacificClimate change and rising sea levels. There are moves to relocate many people of the Carteret islands to other ... tags: climate_changecommunity_and_societycrime_and_justiceenvironmentimmigrationinternational_lawlaw

Why US Law Should Learn from Foreign Precedents

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin delivers a keynote on the use of foreign law a comparative view of Canada and the United States. ... tags: americaAmericanamerican_lawBeverley_McLachlinBusiness_Legalfora.tvFORAtv

Edith Brown Weiss on International Law in the Digital Age

Georgetown University professor Edith Brown Weiss delivers the Hudson Medal Lecture on being accountable in a kaleidoscopic world.Lecturer ... tags:

Justice Antonin Scalia on the Clash Between International Law and State Law

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia delivers a lecture on the clash between international and state law that is inherent in ... tags: BetweenBusiness_LegalClashdebating_natural_lawfora.tvFORAtvInternational

Suffolk Law Study Abroad in Lund, Sweden

Suffolk Law offers an annual summer study abroad in Lund, Sweden. The program provides U.S. law students with an opportunity to participate ... tags: Comparative_Tort_LawCopenhagenEducationGovernment_OrganizationsInternationalInternational_Human_Rightsinternational_law